#8 | All roads lead to the same place

July 18, 2019

D&D Confession #008 | All roads lead to the same place -

Hey, Adventurer! Eric the DM here, thanks so much for checking out this blog! I try to create a lot of unique content, but also love fan submitted work. Do you have any D&D content you’d like to share with the community? Send me your work on social media or by email and if it passes guild approval, I’ll get it on our social media channels & website! Email us at info@thetabletopgameshop.com with the subject line “D&D Confession” or message us on Instagram, @TheTabletopGameShop

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#44 | Too Much Loot!

February 15, 2020

"“I frequently downplay the amount of loot they get from the adventure. They're rich enough as it is. Each of them doesn't need an extra 2,000gp per level, that's just insane”

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February 11, 2020

"I am way too judgemental of other players character choices..."

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D&D Confession #42 | Keeping things interesting -
#42 | Keeping things interesting

October 31, 2019

"Sometimes I change the way a spell works, is cast, or concentration is needed if it comes from a wand. Because things get boring when you always know how they work"

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