D&D Tips n Tricks #21 | Resourcefulness

#21 | Resourcefulness

Use your surroundings and random things in your possession. You’d be surprised how helpful the environment itself, or strange objects you find/carry can be. Aside from your DM possibly disguising an integral object or key as a useless item, random items like glass bottles or leather ties can be extremely useful. Try to think outside the box. Have you perhaps just angered a snooty merchant by walking into his steed? Is he about to have you arrested? Quickly convince the man you are capable of creating any and all perfumes, and you’ll make him a vial if he lets the issue slide. No joke, that happened. I/Althea was about to be arrested by guards and all I/she had were some weapons and a vial that smelled faintly of perfume. Have I mentioned how nuanced and detailed these worlds are?

Tip created by: Bookmans


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