#26 | The power is in the notes

October 04, 2019

#26 | The power is in the notes

SO many notes. As the story and world build, it’s imperative that both the DM and the characters keep strong notes. Notes are not only what remind you of your current gear, but they are scraps of information you pick up. Flashes of an idea or important information may be discovered during a seemingly routine conversation, or the party may be exploring and need to remember to check a spot later. These nitty-gritty details are not always in the recaps and they are life savers. Recaps are a summary of the last game and are crucial since sometimes life happens and games are skipped or players miss a night. They remind or catch up players as to what happened. They are also an epic log of your adventure which one day you may want to reminisce on.


Tip created by: Bookmans


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