#31 | Lost Characters

October 21, 2019

#31 | Lost Characters

D&D is often a puzzle or mystery, one that the player characters need to unravel bit by bit. However… sometimes the clues the DM leaves for the party are missed or misinterpreted. If you feel that you as characters or the party itself is lost – don’t be afraid to be blunt about it. A character feeling lost can go to a temple, a mentor, or another place of guidance and straight up say, “I don’t know what to do.” 

You can also tell your party and DM that you’re stuck and brainstorm together from there. If you as a DM think your party is stuck or just not getting the clues, don’t be afraid to introduce more clues that are more straightforward. Perhaps a key member of the bad guy’s team switches sides, maybe the party finds letters that help spell it out. There are lots of ways to point in the direction of the story. Keep in mind, however, that players can and will derail the entire plan.


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