#002 | Never control your player’s characters

July 07, 2019

D&D tips, tricks n hooks #002 - never control your players characters

 If the characters hear a noise behind them, try to avoid saying “you all hear a heavy growling behind you and turn around to see what it is." Even though the characters are almost definitely going to turn around, you don’t have the right to take control of the party by doing it for them. However, waiting for each and every one of them to tell you that they turn around, usually by saying “well duh, obviously I turn to see what’s growling” can get tedious. Instead, say something like “you all hear a heavy growling behind you. Those of you who turn around see a snarling, hairy beast as big as a horse“. At this point, it’s safe to assume that all characters have turned around, because honestly, who wouldn’t. But you’ve left full control of the characters with the players which will add to the quality of the game. You wouldn’t let them tell you which direction the wind is blowing in your world, would you? However, you can control their involuntary reactions. You can tell them that they’re shivering due to the cold or sweating due to a failed bluff check in a tense situation.


Tip created by: https://goblinscomic.com/dungeon-master-tips


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