#003 | As a new Dungeon Master, know the basics

July 10, 2019

D&D tips, tricks n hooks #003 - for first time dungeon masters, and newer players, make sure you know the rules

Make sure you know the rules. You essentially referee the game. You don't need to memorize them but you should know them well enough to make the game go smoothly… and don't harp on the rules too much. Put enjoyment of the game first and rules second! You also must keep in mind that you are probably going to mess up, but that is okay. You'll do better next time and each time you play, you will learn from your experiences. Remember, you aren't trying to "win," you are trying to create an interesting and compelling story with the rest of your party. 


Tip created by: https://people.rit.edu/~awl6445/140/project2/tips_tricks.html


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