#004 | Figure out what everyone wants out of the game

July 12, 2019

D&D tips, tricks n hooks #004 - figure out what everyone wants out of the game

Some players want more roleplay. Some want more combat. Figure out a balance that will satisfy all players and then run a Session Zero or a Pilot Episode! Of course, a first session can be daunting so run an initial session where everyone can get used to things, in this session you

can create characters together with other players or the Dungeon Master. It can make the character creation process go smoother and other people can give ideas for your character that you wouldn't have thought of. This is especially true for newer players. 

Keep it simple! Something too complicated can get players lost or bored. Sometimes less is more. Do a recap of the important points of the last session when starting a new one, this helps the players get immersed back into the game and fantasy world. The rules are a framework. You can customize the rules or create new ones. You can create new classes, races and items. This is known as homebrewing.


Tip created by: https://people.rit.edu/~awl6445/140/project2/tips_tricks.html


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