#007 | Build out your NPCS to enrich your world for the players:

July 24, 2019

D&D tips, tricks n hooks #007 | Build out your NPCS to enrich your world for the players:

There are so many ways to inject your own personalized and interesting elements into the world you’re building for your players. One of the easiest ways is to create, use and re-use interesting characters. There are many easy ways to create interesting characters—as has been previously covered. Beyond those character creation tips, though, think about drawing from characters you yourself have played or played with in the past (presuming you are also a player).

You can also think about people you know whose personalities might just be the perfect fit for a similarly styled character. That junior high school teacher you had who would have made a great tavern bartender, for example, or that holier-than-thou-art librarian from your college days who you could see as a religious zealot toiling in a town’s church are perfect personalized additions to such a universe. There’s also the minor satisfaction of watching your players battle and overcome an evil warlord whose personality was based on your childhood bully.

Round and rich characters make for great roleplaying experiences as interactions will feel more authentic for your players.


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