D&D with Eric the DM #11: It's all about the Details

D&D with Eric the DM #11: It's all about the Details

Greeting adventurers! Welcome back! I’ve just set up base camp and I’m about to start a fire! Come sit with me a spell and let’s talk about your latest exploits! What monsters have you been hunting? Did you find some hidden treasures? It sounds like you are really making a name for yourself out there! Way to go!

While I pour us some mulled wine why don’t I continue talking to you a bit more about what we discussed last time. How to make your adventures a more immersible experience. In other words, what can we do to make our worlds come to life?!

One thing a lot of players and DM’s miss out on is the power of DETAILS. Adding a few details to your story, your character, your history can go a long way! Something as simple as describing your hair style, the NPC’s hair color, the type of boots your character wears, does your main weapon have gems in it or precious metals on the hilt? The list goes on and on. But by adding just a few details in each adventure you help paint a picture that becomes more defined the more you play! 

For new DM’s it can be helpful to learn one race really well and base your adventures around that race for a campaign. Most source materials provide a crazy amount of knowledge about each individual race and if you can’t find enough there, there is literally nothing that can’t be found on the internet ha ha! Take for example Elves. Depending on what you are playing you may literally have entire books dedicated to this race. But what if you want to switch it up or just take that knowledge to the next level? By reading material about Elves from other sources or the internet you may gain exciting new ideas about adventures you can have with this race! And this can be applied to any race! Dwarves, Goblins, Dragons, whatever! The mythologies of fantasy races run deep and there is always something new to discover! 

For players a great way to get more in touch with your game is to dive deep into your own history! We have discussed the importance of having a character history before but what about taking it to the next level? What did your parents do? Where are your brothers and sisters? Who taught you to fight or read magic? Did you have a childhood hero? A present-day hero? By knowing the answers to these questions, you can respond with an authenticity unmatched by your fellow players. Also, if you create some really cool part to your history that really speaks to you talk to your DM about it! Ask them if they can work that knowledge into an upcoming adventure! Most DM will be happy to and will applaud you for your effort! 

Another thing to do is learn about your fellow players histories. In many adventuring groups your characters have traveled together for years or decades. But what do you really know about each other? It can be really fun in between games to talk to your fellow players about their pasts. If you think about it this is what happens in real life with your real friends! You live through experiences together and then talk about them and by doing so you learn about each other’s history and past. By doing this with your characters you help strengthen those bonds even more!

It can also be helpful to learn all you can about your characters race. You may be playing a half elf but what does that mean? What is the relationship like between Elves and Humans where you were born? Does that outlook effect how you see both races? If you are a dwarf did you grow up in the underground or on the surface and why? Are you part of a particular faction of dwarves or elves? And this can be applied to humans too. What kind of humans did you grow up around? Where you exposed to royalty? Did you grow up in a farming community? By knowing about your race and the circumstances that existed with them when your character was made you can shape a paradigm for your character that reflects it. 

OK I see you’ve finished your wine. You are welcome to more! But maybe we should retire for the evening. When next we talk, I’ll continue this immersion talk with some more advanced ideas to help you! We’ve really have only scratched the surface and there is so much more to talk about!

As always, I’d love to hear about what YOU want to talk about! I’m here to answer your questions! Let me know what you are interested in here in the comments or on my facebook page or Instagram! This is OUR community and we can make it better together! Let us know what you think about our other blogs like Traskoria, Confessions, Fan Art and more! We are creating a place for you! We will always be stronger together!

OK I hope to hear from you soon! Happy travels adventurers and keep rolling those dice!

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