D&D With Eric the DM #14: Gaming Friends

D&D With Eric the DM #14: Gaming Friends

Eric the DM

Hello! How are you adventurers? We are off to a great new year and I am so excited that you are here! Have you begun any new travels or escapades since the start of your new solar cycle? What amazing encounters (and amazing DICE!) await you this year? Let’s find out together!

So, we have talked about quite a few things over the last year. What stuck with you? I hope I have been some help to you as you travel the many realms!

We have talked about story immersion which is pretty broad topic. As we have said several times the most important things in tabletop gaming are having fun and the story! But what if you are having a hard time finding a group, or maybe just a group that fits you? Today as we sit around my campfire, I thought I would give you some tips on not only finding the right group for you, but also how to build camaraderie in your existing groups!

When it comes down to it finding a group can be hard. Many of us have been there. Moved into a new city, you’re getting settled in and you are starting to think about rolling those dice again. But where to find a group? It can be daunting. But there are several options for you that could put you in contact with your next great adventure!

One of the very best places to start is your local comic bookstore. If you are lucky your local comic bookstore may also be a gaming store! That certainly makes things easier. Regardless this is a great place to look first. When you visit don’t be shy. Ask the owners or whoever is working behind the counter if they know of any gaming groups in the area. Often times you will find they are hosting gaming groups right there in the shop! If not most of the time they will be happy to direct you to someone that knows of a group or runs of a group. You may even ask if they would mind if you put a flyer in their door or window searching for gaming groups or people. I think you will find you are almost always not alone in looking for a group. By doing these simple things you can almost always find a group!

Another way to look for a group is through social media. Even in the smallest towns you can usually find gamers by searching Facebook, twitter, reddit and other social media sites. You may even luck out on a google search! (I’ve seriously found a great gaming group this way before!) Anyway, by putting in a little footwork on the internet you may be able to find some people who are also looking for what you are looking for!

You may also be able to find gamers at conventions and festivals. People come from all over to participate in conventions and if you are going, there is probably someone else from your area going too! If you are going to a convention looking for a group there are a few things you can do to “load the dice” in your favor. Start some buzz on Facebook beforehand. You may even create a page (which is free) looking for gamers in your area. You can then put up a post expressing your desire to find other gamers in your area or at the convention. You can boost this post for usually $5 and target people in your area! Then Facebook does the rest! They will automatically put your post in front of people in your area! Another trick is to have a t-shirt made that you can wear at the convention. Put a statement on the shirt that says something like, “Looking for gamers in (your city). Talk to me if you are close by!” You will definitely get responses!

These are just a few tips for finding a group but there are more. Let me know if you would like to hear more! No matter what don’t give up! The truth is there are definitely people in your area looking to game! All you have to do is get them to notice you!

So now you have a group. Maybe you are all strangers. Those initial meetings can be daunting. What are some things you can do to help your group thrive and grow closer together? Let’s go over a few of those!

The number one thing I can recommend is being kind. Compassion and evidence in all things! Be accepting of your new crew. Talk to them. Ask them about their lives. Bring extra soda and snacks. Tiny gestures of kindness are the building blocks of great friendships! The cool thing is this works in game too! When your character is shopping for supplies in the local store maybe you can find a unique gift or treat for another player there! Is your elven archer a fletcher? Maybe you can find some beautiful feathers to give them! Does your dwarven cleric worship a certain deity? Maybe you can find them a holy symbol to their god at one of the local temples. The list goes on. Everyone loves a little surprise!

Another great trip is to try an arrange meetings outside of just game play. This can be difficult as we all live busy lives. But a good goal might be for you all to meet somewhere once a season just to relax and “BE”. Great options for this are bowling, seeing a movie, pool, darts, or anything like this. These seasonal get togethers are a great way to build a relationship with your gaming group and get to know each other!

With all of these things we are again only scratching the surface. If you want to hear more ideas about anything we have talked about just let me know! I am always here for you! As we move into this knew year it is my hope that you will join me in helping our tabletop community to grow stronger! This is a place for you! I hope you will always feel at home here!

OK well the hour grows late. I think we both have many plans to set in motion for this new year, so we better get on them! I hope to see you again soon adventurer, happy travels and keep rolling those dice!

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