D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #16: Something New

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #16: Something New

Eric the DM 16

Well hello travelers! You caught me just returning from an adventure myself! So many monsters to slay already in this crazy year! So, come sit down by my fire for a while! Ill put on some coffee and maybe mull some wine. It will be great to talk for a spell!

What monsters have you slayed recently? Have you begun a new adventure this new year or are you carrying on strong from last years campaign? Regardless I hope you are winning big!

What kind of adventurer are you these days? Are you a gruff dwarven warrior who longs for battle? A pacifistic elven healer who abhors violence? How about a quirky human wizard who loves to trick people with illusions? There are many options available as you continue your adventures so which one to choose? Many people put a lot of thought into the class they will play but equally important can be your race!

As your days of adventuring grow long you will come across travelers and party members of all kinds. Some play only one race. Some play only one race and one class! I am not here to dissuade anyone from what they want to do but why would you just want to have one flavor over and over again?

As we have discussed before tabletop gaming is a skill. It takes time and experience to get better at it. By expanding your “taste” for both races and classes you will not only open yourself up to amazing new experiences, but you will also be making yourself into a more well-rounded player!

One of the greatest things about tabletop gaming is that you have the chance to explore. Not only amazing new realms but yourself! You should feel safe and encouraged to play anything your heart desires! If you are timid may try playing an outgoing character. If you are someone who gets angry easily maybe play someone peaceful. By trying characters that are in direct opposition to your own personality you can explore aspects of yourself you may have never seen before! And always feel free to play whatever sex you like! Girls can play boys and boys can play girls! You can explore anything you want here!

This goes the same with classes and races too. Certain classes and races may cause you to think about things differently. Some classes require a lot of thinking and forethought. Many mage and psionic classes are like this. Some classes require quick thinking and prompt actions. Cleric and rogue classes can be like this. Pick a race that rounds out your character. The most important thing in the end is that the character is interesting to you!

Ill close this by saying the main reason you shouldn’t be afraid to try new characters is because you can always make a new one. No DM is going to force you to keep playing a character you dislike. Give it a good try but if after 5 or so adventures your not clicking with the character talk to your DM. They should be happy to help you find something new! So get out there and mix it up! You can be whoever you want and that may end up being quite a lot of people!

Do you have any questions you would like to ask about classes or races? I’d love to hear them! Remember that I am here for you! Ask your questions in the comments below! You know you are always welcome here! Check out our other blogs like Traskoria, Confessions, our fan art and so much more! Check out the AWESOME All D20 podcast! Let us know what your thoughts are! We will always talk about what you want!

OK well I have things to do but you are welcome to stay by the fire and rest as long as you like! There is plenty of wine left to drink! I’ll be looking forward to our next meeting traveler! Stay safe and always keep rolling those dice!

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