D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #17: A new universe to explore!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #17: A new universe to explore!

Eric the DM

Hazzah Adventurers! Welcome back! I see you are weary from your travels! Sit a while and let’s talk about what you have seen! I am, as always, returning myself from grand adventure! I travel to every corner of reality to bring back the most amazing things for you! Check them out in the shop!

So often when we meet, I’ve geared my talks to the new heroes I’m meeting here. Today I thought I would talk to the veterans as well. The adventurers out there who have seen a Lich or 2 in their day and lived to talk about it! Come and sit down by my fire and show off some of those battle scars!

Many veterans cut their teeth on classic Dungeons and Dragons. It is by far the lodestone on which all of tabletop gaming has been built. I cannot say enough kind words or give enough accolades to the amazing work this company has done. Thank you! For many this may be the only gaming system they have ever played. And its not hard to see why. Why go somewhere else when everything you want is right here?

But is it really EVERYTHING you want? In the many decades that have followed many more gaming systems have come (and gone.) And if you haven’t given them a try, well now may be the time! There are many reasons to try a new gaming system. They offer bright and shiny new worlds for you to explore and new powers and abilities to wield while you are there. They give fresh looks at old ideas, like elves, magic, monster and so much more. They also offer DMs a chance to tell new stories in new ways! All of this and so much more.

Many veteran gamers HAVE played many systems in their day and know what I’m talking about. But surprisingly many have not. I have met gamers in my day that have played for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years and NEVER strayed from DND. An impressive record for sure and I think its awesome for anyone to game that long, BUT what about the adventures they may have missed?

Trying out a new gaming system doesn’t have to be daunting and it doesn’t have to mean you are abandoning DND. Many active gaming groups “switch up” their games Bi-Weekly, allowing them to play DND one week, and some other system the alternate week. I myself have played in this style most of my life! Another option for trying out a new system is to try and run a “one off” campaign, where you and your group find a system you would like to try out and the DM creates a single story in this world for you to play through. This allows for a much more compact and intense experience. When the story is over if you loved it, you can perhaps integrate it into the biweekly system mentioned above. If you didn’t care for it, you at least had a new experience and now you can try something else!

You may consider having "Game specific dice" as well. Having a cool set of unique dice for each system you play can really help you get into character when you are exploring some place new! 

Experiencing new systems and new worlds is very much like experiencing a new character class or a new race. It broadens your mind as a gamer and helps you to see things differently. It makes you a better gamer. For DMs it makes you a better storyteller and gives you new tools to use in the future. For players it can show you new uses for powers and abilities, and new ways to play and tell your own story!

There are many different systems out there. To many to talk about them all. As such I’ll just mention a few here to give you a starting point.

Palladium: Palladium has been around for a long long time. They offer a variety of worlds and genres to play in. TBH Palladium is considered by many to be #2 in the tabletop gaming world, mainly due to their incredibly popular gaming universe called, Rifts. As such Palladium may be a great first place to start looking if you are looking for a new and exciting adventure!

GURPS: Gurps also offers a fantastic range of worlds to explore. It is celebrated for its ease of play and the sheer volume of universes available. They also offer the chance to play in Pop Culture worlds, like TMNT, Mars Attacks, Disc World, and a slew of anime and other movies and series. Gurps offers a fun escape to worlds you know and love.

White Wolf: White Wolf is a wholly unique gaming system with its own mythology and worlds. In general, it offers a “Darker” type of game play. Some of the themes can be very adult. But these dark, gothic worlds are enthralling and intense. Characters made here grow to become powerful quickly and make choices that change the world around them. They also have several different game settings including vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and much more.

Bureau 13: This gaming system is a bit older and somewhat hard to come by, but I mention it because its just that fun! The game has a very “X-Files / MIB” feel to it, and their magic system is as unique as it is comical. If you like secret societies, clandestine government agencies, and not being able to do magic inside of cars, this is the game system for you!

Traskoria: Lastly if you are looking for something COMEPLETLY new and just beginning check out the Traskoria blog here on our website! This new gaming world offers new ideas for old gaming themes. New and exciting races play with fabled ones of lore in an ever collapsing multiverse! Check out the blog from its beginning and feel free to play test the character classes and races introduced there in any system you choose!

In the end we are only scratching the surface of the tabletop gaming world. There are many more gaming systems out there to explore! So, don’t be afraid to try one out! Its still a new year so open yourself up to something new!

I think we will end it here my friends. I grow weary and must set out at sunrise again. Is there some gaming system you want to talk about? Some aspect of one that you are curious about? Let me know! I want to talk about what YOU want to talk about! Leave us comments here and on all of our blogs! We are always stronger together and we are building a community of gamers here for you!

Happy hunting adventurers and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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