D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #22: Warriors!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #22: Warriors!

Eric the DM

Hello Warriors! Welcome to my campsite! You stumbled upon me just setting up for the night. Good timing! Basilisk steaks are on the fire and I have some strong wine mulling. Sit back and relax for a bit and help yourself!

Today I though we might talk about the warrior class. One of the 4 “Main Classes” being made up of Warrior, Rogue, Priest (Healer), and Mage. These 4 classes make the base of almost any tabletop game. Over our next few meetings, I thought we might talk about each of them individually.

It is not hard to see why these 4 classes are so widely found together, not only in tabletop gaming but in stories of all kinds! Movies, Books, Video games and more rely on these 4 classes above all others to tell epic tales!

Warriors are a greatly underrated class. People think they are simple meat shields and only good for “hack n slash” in any setting. First of all, this is not true! But even if it was who cares?! Being a mobile tank, while dealing heavy damage to your foes is a ton of fun! But the truth is warriors are quite dynamic and can be played in whatever style you choose!

When choosing a warrior, it is important to consider how YOU want to play. Do you want to be the tip of the spear, charging into battle and causing enemies to fall before you? Do you want to be a heavily armored tank taking damage for your allies and breaking frontlines? Maybe you want to be a swashbuckler who fights with pinpoint precision dealing deft, critical strikes while dodging expertly out of harms way. Whatever you choose there is a warrior subclass to fit it!

That is one of the main things that make warriors so desirable. Their flexibility. Monks, Spearmen, Rangers, Archers, Hammer Bearers, Berserkers, Ninjas, and so many more all fall under the banner of warriors. Amazing diverse weaponry and iron hard fist make you a nightmare on the field of battle. Choose a weapon and a fighting style you love and let your dice do the rest of the talking!

But Warriors can be so much more than just defense and offense. Often the warrior in the group is the leader, and its not hard to see why. They are the backbone of any group. They provide stability that can be clung to not only in battle but wherever your party may go. Warriors can be smooth politicians, charismatic leaders, and intelligent tacticians. Their commanding authority not only inspires on the battlefield but works wonders in towns as you shop for exotic wares and throw back drinks in seedy taverns.

If you have not played a warrior, you should! All new players should be encouraged to give them a try. They offer great opportunity to learn the basics of the game.  As they grow in level becoming more complex, they provide the opportunity to try new things unavailable to many other classes.

SO warrior pick up your sword and prepare for battle! Your team is calling you! Rush into the fight and I will be right behind you! Where a warrior leads others will follow! Great adventuring friends! Keep rolling those dice!
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