D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #23: Rogues!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #23: Rogues!

Eric the DM

Oh! You surprised me there stepping out of the shadows like that! Were you trying to scare me? Heh heh, well welcome! I am glad you are here! I’m surprised you could find me here in this noisy tavern, but you do seem to have a keen eye!

You are becoming quite the Rogue! I am really becoming impressed with your ability! Pull up a chair and I’ll order us some drinks and some food. Let’s talk about Rogues while we fill our bellies!

Last time we talked about warriors. They are one of the 4 “Main Classes” used by almost every gaming system you will come across. The other 3 being: Rogues, Clerics, and Mages. Today let’s talk about Rogues.

Rogues are incredibly fun to play! Like any class they are highly customizable, and they can be “built” to suit almost anyone’s style of play. In general, they specialize in stealth, critical and or burst damage, and utility. They can often meld into shadows popping out unseen to dispatch their targets with a single killing blow! They can sneak up on even the keenest hearing subjects, making no noise at all! They can find and disarm deadly traps, identify poison and much more!

How you choose to play your rogue (also sometimes called thieves) is up to you! Do you want to be a cunning pickpocket who makes their fortune palming valuables off others? Maybe a gruff killer who springs upon their victims from the darkness! Or perhaps a dashing smooth talker who lets their charisma and charm do the talking. The type of rogue you want to play is completely up to you and something you should consider before they are brought to life.

Many people who play rogues like to “Hyper Specialize”, putting all their effort into building up one or two of a rogue’s special abilities.  These rogues can be very fun to play but be warned that the lack of other skills may come back to bite you later! But If you make it to higher levels there will be no one who can stand against you in your specialization!

Rogues tend to not be the most stalwart of champions so playing safe is also important especially at early levels. For this reason, many rogues really pump up their Dexterity Stat, as it not only helps them with many of their abilities, but also makes them adept at dodging, parrying, and more.

I’ve also found rogues to be very “Skill Driven”, in that they possess unique, often utilitarian skills that not only help themselves but their party as a whole.

Rogues make great party members because their skills and abilities work great in combination with other classes. Take some time to learn about your fellow party members and what they can do and you are sure to find ways your roguish abilities can become better and stronger just by working together! Mages and Warriors especially seem to make great companions for a rogue!

Well we have eaten our fill! You look ready to disappear right before my eyes! Well don’t let me keep you! Step back into those shadows and jump back into adventure! And next time don’t surprise me when we meet up ha ha! Have fun out there adventurer! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!!!

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