D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #24: Clerics!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #24: Clerics!

Eric the DM

Tally-Ho Adventurers! Welcome back! Oh! It looks like you are injured! Come sit by my fire and I’ll fix you up! I know just the spell…

Its times like this I wish I had a cleric nearby! Perhaps you know one or are perhaps studying to be one yourself? It is a noble class welcome in any party. Why don’t we talk a little about them today!

The last few times we’ve met we’ve talked about the 4 major classes. Being: Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Mage. We have covered Fighter and Rogue already so let’s dive into the Cleric class today!

To be honest Clerics are one of my favorite classes. For some reason they are often glanced over in favor of other classes and that is a shame because they are super fun to play! Clerics do so much more than healing. In fact, some clerics don’t heal it all! They can be stalwart tanks and huge damage producers. Clerics (sometimes also called priests) are just as diverse as any other class and can be made to fit the play style of your choosing!

Clerics can get their powers from many sources, but MOST get them from a connection with a “god” or some other powerful being. These beings can range from multidimensional beings, alien intelligences, demons, and more depending on the game system you are playing. Often their powers are given to them in exchange for serving these powerful beings in some capacity.  In any case this lends itself to some incredible roleplay! If your “god” demands certain actions, attitudes, or actions you can find interesting ways to bring them to bear. The great thing is there are many “gods” to choose from! Some are very strict, and some are very lax. You are sure to find one that suits your play style!

As mentioned, Clerics are not just healers. They also make incredible tanks! Clerics tend to have high HP and constitution scores. Combine this with self-healing and you have a character that can roam the battlefield with impunity!

They can also be fearsome spellcasters, using magic as well as any mage. Added to this most priest magic deals damage in forms mages can’t readily produce like radiant, light, dark, and holy magic just to name a few! They also have a wide array of “Utility Spellsproviding buffs, debuffs, and assistance that other classes just can’t match!

As If that weren’t enough Clerics can also be fantastic warriors! Wielding giant hammers, shields, swords and more they can stand side by side with great warriors on the battlefield holding their own!

My suggestion to you would be don’t let this great class pass you by! Take some time to investigate their amazing skill sets! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Well there it looks like you are all healed up! Have some chow and then be on your way! You have enemies to vanquish and friends to heal! And you know I always have your back! Have fun out there adventurer! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!
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