D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #25: Wizards!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #25: Wizards!

Eric the DM

Hello adventurer! Wow you appeared out of nowhere! Did you teleport in? That’s quite an impressive spell! You must be a mage! Well I’m glad you are here! Sit down and I’ll prepare us a meal while we talk. Since you appear to be a magic user now would be a great time to talk about mages!

In our last few meetings we have talked about , “The Big 4” in playable classes. The 4 being: Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and today Mage.

Mages go by many names depending on the game you are playing. Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer, Mystic, and many more. But they all do basically the same thing. They use magic!

In almost any gaming system magic is an incredibly powerful force. As such it is not hard to see why many people flock to these power houses. But wizards take a lot of finesse and ingenuity to play correctly! Especially at lower levels where they tend to be “Glass Cannons”, able to do heavy damage, but not being able to take much damage on their own. In fact, across the board mages tend to have the lowest hit points in every game you might play!

Mages are not for beginners. The mage class should be saved for when you have learned the game and its rules and nuisances. This is because mages have a lot of responsibility and special rules! Most mages have very limited actions per round and as such must make the most of them. They also may require special object or situations to cast a spell correctly. Some spells can only be cast outside, or just may be very dangerous to cast indoors. All of this and more must be considered to play a mage well!

But for those who have learned their gaming system well mages can be an awesome and fun class to play! They weave the mystical energies of the universe to create fantastic effects. They can bring down strong walls and enemies often with a single spell. They can rescue their friends and ensnare their foes with an incantation or two. And like the other classes Mages can be highly specialized. Many may choose to specialize in one particular type of magic. There are plenty of subclasses to choose from!

Great mages will find interesting ways to use their spells. They think outside the box and use their magic not as a hammer to smash their way bluntly thru each obstacle, but instead use their magic like a conductor would use their wand, using certain aspects of a spell to achieve their ends in new and surprisingly intelligent ways.

SO those are the big four! What do you think adventurer? Now that you know about all four are excited to try them all? I certainly encourage you to do so! By playing new classes you learn not only more about the game but more about yourself! You never know what hidden gem inside a character class may appeal to you! You may have no desire to play a rogue but once you do you may fall in love with it! And this goes for any class!

SO get out there friend! Keep exploring and trying new things! I believe in you! Keep rolling those dice!

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