D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #27: Speak up!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #27: Speak up!

Hello Adventurers!

Its so nice to see you all again! There is nothing like reuniting with friends after you’ve been out adventuring!

What type of adventures do you like best? There are nearly infinite possibilities to choose from! Do you like solving puzzles? Mysteries? Hack n Slash? The best adventures tend to be a mix of several types! Despite this many people have a favorite type. And that’s ok! One of the strengths of adventuring in a group is your diversity!

If you look forward to a certain type of adventuring be vocal about it! Most DM’s like their players to be happy and for your adventures to be satisfying. So if you like political game play, or going on hunts, or infiltrating goblin hordes or WHATEVER, letting your DM know is the first step to gaining your heart’s desire. 😊

If your DM makes your wishes come true, then its your time to shine! Let the DM know how much you appreciate it by really engaging in the story! This should be something you do anyway but going the extra mile will really show your DM and your gaming group your passion!

Another thing to do is talk to your fellow players about what they like. Post-group meetings are a great place to talk about this sort of thing. By talking with each other in front of your DM you can see where all of your interests overlap, and it will give your DM a snapshot of their group’s desires.

You should also know that its OK to be passionate about specific things! Maybe you REALLY want to fight a dragon or a balrog or something else. Let your group know! Just be patient. Your level 3 rogue might be a few levels shy of toppling that great horned red dragon heh heh. But by letting your DM and fellow players know early on what you want, the story can be crafted in such a way so that when you are ready, that enemy you want to face can make their grand entrance!

And it doesn’t have to be a specific enemy. You may desire something else specific. Maybe you long to become a knight, a lord, a sheriff. Maybe your goal is to visit a certain epic library, or a legendary battlefield. The universe is only limited by your imagination so explore your dreams! There is NOTHING beyond your reach if you work with your DM and fellow players.

SO what are you waiting for?! We’ve both rested long enough and I’m quite sure I’ll see you again soon. Let both get out there and forge our dreams into reality! Ill be right behind you adventurer! You are awesome! Keep rolling those dice!

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