D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #29: Level 1!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #29: Level 1!

Eric the DM

OH! You surprised me there adventurer! You must be getting really good at your stealth checks!  Well its great to see you! Come relax a bit. I have Basilisk steaks on the fire, we will share them when they are done.

Last time we talked we spoke about character creation. The beginning of something new can be a difficult time. Let’s talk more about things you can do to make breaking in your new character easier and more enjoyable.

So we’ve created a new character. They are polished and full and brimming over with shiny new spells, skills, weapons and more. Now what?

First of all, don’t be shy! You have created a hero! Even at level 1 they are mighty and have skills and powers beyond that of mere mortals! Give them a try! A mistake many players make at early levels is being too timid. These early levels are a time for you to learn! Fire of those big spells! Blast your biggest gun! Whatever your character can do, do it! Try and use your skills at every opportunity. All of this will help you learn your strengths and your weaknesses. Revel in your successes and learn for your failings.

While you are doing this encourage your fellow players to do the same and pay attention! What abilities and skills do your comrades have? Watch them and learn what they can do and what they can’t do. What weaknesses do they have that you can protect them from? And vice versa! More than that, what powers do they have that can compliment your own? Make your attacks stronger? You defense more solid? You are a group and should play like one. Hopefully, you are beginning an incredible journey that may last years or even decades! These fledgling steps where you are learning to fly are building the foundations that will allow you can your friends to soar and sprint into an incredible future!

Lastly don’t forget your dreams! Last time we met we talked about daydreaming and fantasizing about your character before you made them. Well now your dream is a reality! Remember the amazing things you wanted your character to do and go out and bring those dreams to life! You are now living in a fantasy realm where anything is possible. Don’t forget it! Help your friends discover their dreams as well! You may also spend some time between games making new dreams! As you and your character grow in power and experience new doors will be open to you. Think about what your next goals will be. Where will your dreams take you next?

I’ll also add that you can feel free to introduce your friends to me! I am here for all adventurers! It is my hope that I can be helpful to all of you and help you whenever you have questions or need advice. So please let me know if there is anything you want to talk about! I am here for you! Check out my previous posts and comment with your own thoughts and questions! Be inspired by our other blogs like Traskoria and our amazing fan art! Check out the awesome ALL D20 podcast! We are doing all of this for you! You are home when you are here!

Ok Adventurers! Go spread your wings and soar into your next adventure! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!!!

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