D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #31: Starting up!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #31: Starting up!

Eric the DM: Back to Basics

Ahoy adventurers near and far! It is I Eric the DM returned to you from my own adventures and ready to speak with you again!

How have your own adventures been going? Have you gotten enough gold and silver? Keeping your archnemesis at bay? I hope so!

A lot of people seem to be daunted by what they think they need to start adventuring. They think they need tons of stuff to get started but really, it’s so easy! I thought today I would go over with you the things you need to start having your own epic adventures!

The first thing you need is a friend. More than one helps, the perfect size adventuring group is sort of a personal taste, but I tend to prefer a group of between 4 – 6 people. But it can be much less or more! But even if you only have one other person to play with you can still have awesome adventures! These 1 on 1 gaming sessions can be quite intense and a lot of fun! But if possible, try and get a small group together and begin your journey together!

If you are having a hard time finding gamers in your area check online! There are tons of services online that help with that! Another great way to meet gamers is to go to your local comic bookstore! Many of them hold regular gaming nights or at the very least can perhaps recommend some place you can go or someone you can contact who is also looking for gamers.

Next you need a place to play. If you are meeting at a comic bookstore this will be taken care of for you, otherwise hopefully you or one of your friends can host the game. It doesn’t take much space. Just a simple table and chairs is all you need! Be kind to your host and clean up after yourself. Also, if you are visiting and can bring drinks and/or snacks for the group that always goes a long way and is appreciated!

Once you have your group set up you come to the single most important thing you will need to dive into adventure! That thing is your imagination! The world of gaming is a place for you to live your fantasy! You will create a character that can do amazing things and you can give them their own personality, quirks, desires and so much more! At every point in your upcoming adventures your imagination will be your steadfast guide as you explore incredible new worlds!

Along with this you will need just a few more things. You will need character sheets to write down everything about your character. You can find these for free online, usually on the website associated with the game you are playing. I’d suggest you print off a few so you have some in reserve in case you need them. You may also want separate sheets for your items and spells and psionics. If you can’t find specialized sheets for these you can just use notebook paper!

You’ll need a couple of pencils to write and erase things as you go and “scrap paper” to keep track of things while you game, like hit points, treasure, etc. I prefer mechanical pencils so I can write small if I need to. (Character sheets are not known for giving you a ton of space ha ha)

And then of course you come to the “gems” of the gaming experience, The DICE! You will need dice to play in these worlds. I suggest you acquire multiple sets of dice if possible. Its convenient to have multiple of each die when you need them. Choosing your dice is like choosing a wand. Its about finding a set that speaks to you. Take some time and find a few sets your passionate about and then get them! They will provide the “engine” for your gaming experience.

And really that’s it! If you follow these few simple steps, you will be slaying goblin hoards in no time! These are the basics, but you can go as deep as you want! Some DMs/GMs will want you to have the book(s) associated with the game you are playing but most are lax about it and able to lend you the books you need or at least have them handy for reference. Many of these books tell amazing stories so besides giving you a reference for gaming, they can also provide you with entertainment! Check out our Traskoria blog to see some of this story telling up close!

One final thing you will need is a name for your character. This aspect is always fun! Thinking of a name for your character will set the tone for all that is to come. Don’t feel like you must choose something normal, unless you want to! But feel free to go for grandiose names like, “Evelton the Goblin Crusher” or “Jesimute Sheildbreaker Firebane the 5th” and then you can create a back story for the name! Giving your character a history will help you make decisions as you game.

OK I hope this was helpful! Comments? Questions? Let us know below! I am here to help you!

I hope you have an amazing week ahead and great adventures in your future! Keep rolling those dice adventurers!

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