D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #35: Mo Money!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #35: Mo Money!

Greetings adventures! Welcome back! How have your adventures been lately? Lots of gold and glory I hope! 


Sometimes keeping track of all that gold can be a problem! Not to mention a party laden with sacks of gold and treasure are bound to be targets of every bandit within miles. So, what are some ways you can make smart choices with your in-game currency?



One way to alleviate this problem is to shop! Especially at lower levels better armor and weapons are a much better choice than carrying sacks of gold around! Keep an eye on shops and blacksmiths wherever you travel. If you see something that will give you a boost get it! More treasure is always out there! 


But there will come times when you need to save. Powerful magical items, weapons, and armor only get more expensive. Enchantments for these things can be equally imposing in price. So what to do here? 


One great way to ease your burden is to invest in gems. If you find a reputable dealer who won’t gouge you, trading bags of gold for easy to carry gems and jewelry is a much easier way to carry wealth on you. Even if you pay slightly more for the gems than they are worth you can turn around and do the same thing when you sell the gems back! Gems can be hidden much more easily than bags of god! Have a tailor or leather worker put a secret pocket in a vest or a shirt and store your gems there.


If you have a talented enchanter in your party, you may be able to raise the price of those gems even higher! Even gems with simple enchantments on them can go for much higher prices than they would alone! 


Another way to get the most value from your gold is to invest in big ticket long term purchases! If your party frequents a particular town or area why not pool your resources and invest in a base of operations! These can be expensive to get started but they provide a continual fun place to spend the treasure you make. Bases can become fortresses filled with protective and buffing enchantments. If you have skilled craftsmen in your group like a blacksmith, a tailor, a scientist, or whatever, you can build a forge, or labratory or workroom. These can then be used to create even more things to sell!


These are just a few ways to make your treasure work for you. What else do you all think can be done with your treasure? Let us know! You may have an idea no one else has thought of! Share it here! Let’s keep growing stronger together! Now go get rich out there adventurer! Next time I see you at the tavern drinks are on you ha ha! Have fun out there my friends and KEEP ROLLIN THOSE DICE!

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