D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #36: Keep it together!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #36: Keep it together!

Tally Ho Adventurers! Come sit by my fire and I’ll mull some wine and put some meat on to cook. You can tell me about your latest adventures! 


Seems like you’re a bit all over the place my friend. I know it can be tough to stay organized. Adventuring life is full of bits and pieces! Maybe I can give you some advice on how to stay organized while out on adventure!


Tabletop gaming has a lot of moving parts. You may find yourself with more papers than you know what to do with! A great place to starts is by finding a single notebook to hold everything! This can be a bit of work initially but having a single notebook with all of your character’s info in one place can actually save you a lot of time and hassle! Section of the notebook into all the parts you need and bookmark them for easy access! Your stats, treasure lists, items list, spells, notes, all can be easily and neatly placed into your notebook and most of the clutter eliminated. 


Invest in a quality dice bag. Having all your things in a cheap plastic bag, or loose or multiple containers can be a nightmare. By having one quality strong dice bag you can know where everything is and not have to worry about it exploding all over the place when you travel with it. 


Another good idea is to have a gaming bag. A backpack or duffle bag you use only for your gaming materials. A few gaming books, extra pencils and paper, your notebook, and dice bag, all of it in one single bag ready to go on game night! 



Finally, you might consider getting a nice calendar app. Most smart phone come with one! Even having one person in your party who has and uses one can help immensely. In this app you can put down all the important dates for your group. Gaming dates, dates when one or more party members will be away. Even your friend’s birthdays and other special dates can be put in so you can celebrate them as a group. If you find someone in your group willing to do this for you they should be richly rewarded with extra xp  and or magical items and the like for all their hard work!


What tips and tricks do you all have? I’m sure some of you adventurers out there probably have super cool ways you stay organized! Share them with us! We would love to know! Check out our website for awesome gaming tips and more! www.thetabletopgameshop.com


We have amazing blogs like Traskoria, Podcasts with the EPIC AllD20! and more of me! Eric the DM! You are always welcome here adventurer! OK go have fun out there! Stay organized and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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