D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #37: So you wanna DM!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #37: So you wanna DM!

Greeting adventurers from around the world! I hope you are all doing well! What is new in your lives? How is this orbit around your planets star treating you? Hopefully, you are returning to some normalcy in your life! I know it’s been tough! 


I also hope you have gotten more into (or BACK into) your gaming! Adventure is calling! So, get those dice polished up and your character sheets ready! It’s time to go have some fun!


For many gamers it may be time to try something new. Something you may have wanted to do for a long time. Some of you may want to try your hand at being a DM! It seems that there comes a time in every young adventurers life when they start to question things. Do I think I could DM? What kind of adventure would I run? Why am I growing all this hair?!!


Besides the last one (maybe) these are some of the questions many players ask themselves as they grow in their gaming lives. And its natural (like the hair). One can’t help but be curious about what it takes to be a DM. And the truth is the world... the UNIVERSE, could use more good DMs! But do you have what it takes? More importantly are you willing to try? 


For anyone who wants to try DMing the MOST important thing I'd tell you about trying is, "Why not?" If you feel you want to try it, you should! But realize what you are getting into! DMing is not for everyone BUT how will you know unless you try?!


If you are thinking about DMing there are things you can do to make yourself more prepared. First really start watching and LISTENING to your current DM. Or to DMs on videos or Podcasts like the AllD20 podcast! What are these DMs doing that you like? Don't like? What do you think you could do better? What are they doing that you wish you could do? Take notes. 


If you have access to the ear of a DM let them know how you are feeling! Ask them for advice. Ask questions. How do they prepare their adventures? How do they prep their dice? Their battles?  If there is a particular part or feature of DMing that really is daunting to you ask about that! If you don’t have access to a DM in real life ask ME! I am the greatest DM in the universe after all heh heh. But regardless of my status I am always here for you! Ask your questions here or on our Facebook or Instagram and I will always try and answer them for you! 


If you are part of a group that already has a DM ask your group if they would be willing to let you run a short adventure. Modules work well for this if you can find one. It will be up to your group how long an adventure they will let you run for them, but a good number is about 10. After running 10 adventures as a DM you will have taste for what it is. Accept feedback from your fellow players and your DM.  And most groups will welcome this novel break. It allows the DM a brief chance to play a character and your fellow players a chance to try something new as well. 


SO, what then? You have run your first 10 adventures. How did it go? For many of you this will be it. You had your shot at DMing and it may even have been a great experience! But it’s not for you. You don’t have to justify this to anyone! Gaming is ALWAYS about having fun first! So, if that is what you decide you should still be VERY proud of yourself. You tried something new! That is awesome! Great job adventurer! 


But then there is the other side. You kissed a DM and you liked it! LOL well that's not exactly what I meant to say but you know what I mean. For some of you this will have been a FUN experience and you will want to do it again. Now what? 


Well, that depends on several things. Is there enough support in your community that you can break away and start your own group? Sadly, the answer to this is often no. But that doesn’t have to be the end of it! You have many more options! If your group also enjoyed your DMing they may want you to do it again! You may talk with your group and your DM to see if they would like to run two games concurrently! This can actually be very fun and rewarding! It allows both DMs to experience the fun of playing characters. It also allows your fellow players to experience new classes and races! This type of gaming setup is quite common! DMs alternating weekends. It’s something to consider. 


But this may be too much or even undesirable by you and your group. Another option would be to see if your group would allow you to run an adventure once a season or even once a year. When I was very young I played with a  group for several years but during the Summers the DM was away on family vacation so we had a "Summer DM" who would run a one off for us each summer. It was super fun! There are great advantages for the DM in this regard as well. It gives you a HUGE amount of time to plan your adventure. You can create fantastic things that you may not have in your everyday gaming. Maybe you want to create a huge map for your dungeon! Or a soundtrack! Or custom miniatures! The sky is the limit!


In the end my friends if you want to DM there is a way to do it! I would suggest that anyone who wants to try it SHOULD do it! Because remember, "Why not?!"


Ok I guess that wraps this up! It was great seeing you all again! I’m sure I’ll see you again soon! Go out there and get that treasure! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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