D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #38: DM Sparks!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #38: DM Sparks!

Salutations adventurers far and wide! Welcome home! Pull up a barstool and I’ll order us some rounds of mead! I want to hear all about your latest adventures!

What fabulous conquests have you been on? What magical quests have you completed? It looks like you might level up soon!

Today I thought I might once again to talk to my DMs out there. As such I could ask the above questions again but in a slightly different way. What fabulous conquests have you sent your party on? What magical quest have you allowed them to complete? More importantly: What story are you telling now?

Crafting a story can be daunting. Thinking of story arcs and plot point and sub-plot points. For some it can get frustrating. As such I thought we might talk about ways to assist you in crafting a great adventure!

Realize what follows are just tips. There are 1d20 + 1000 ways to craft a story and over time you will adopt your own methods! These are just ideas to help get things rolling! Maybe they will inspire you in some unexpected way!

One popular method of DM story creation is to have a notebook for each campaign. You can tab this notebook into sections like: NPCs, Sub stories/Side Quests, Enemies, Battles and more! If you use a 3-ring binder you can expand on this indefinitely.

The main section will be where you write your adventures.  This also allows you to have your entire story in one place so you can look back for information easily!

This can also be done on a tablet or computer. For some of you the binder or notebook may be easier. It has been my personal experience that the notebook is more reliable on the fly. 

So now that you have a place to keep all your info what will you put in it? What if you are having writer's block?  Well, there are somethings you can do to help with that too! 

If you are feeling uninspired don’t just sit and stare at a blank piece of paper. This can lead to more frustration. Instead, if you are having a hard time thinking of a story look to the internet for inspiration! You actually don’t have to go much further than right here! We have several blogs available that may inspire you in many ways! Traskoria, My other blogs, our amazing podcast AllD20, and more! Spends a little time checking them out and see what sparks your imagination! YouTube can also be a great place to find quick inspiring videos to get the creative juices flowing. 

Another thing to realize is you don’t have to complete a years’ worth of adventures in one sitting. If you are having a hard time just focus on one single simple goal. It can be something as simple as: The party discovers a magical harp. OK so now you have a goal. Then ask yourself the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Right a single plot point for each of these questions and then fill it out from there. Start with these simple adventures and as you and your party start getting more and more into it you may discover that the story writes itself! 

You can take this method a step further by simply talking to your players! Good players will have goals for their characters. Good DMs will want to reward players who play well by helping them achieve their goals. Finding out your characters aspirations, dreams, even histories, can provide an abundance of story arcs that you can weave into your narrative! 

These were just a few ideas for sparking joy DMs! I am sure some of you have others! Let us know what things you do to help craft a story! What tips do you have? We would love to know!

OK Adventurers it was great seeing you again! I will order us another round but then you best be on your way! You have so many more great adventures to live! And create! Have fun out there and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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