D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #40: Communicate!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #40: Communicate!

Hello adventurers! It's nice to see you again! I was thinking of sending a raven to you with a message to see how you were doing! 

Well now that you are here sit and rest a while! We will talk over some cold ale, and you can tell me all about your amazing adventures! 

In any part of life communication is important! This includes your in game life! Sure, your characters may be talking to each other but what other forms of communication do you have at your disposal?

Being able to communicate over long distances cannot only be important but it can provide a real advantage in game that many do not consider! Living in a universe of magic provides many exciting opportunities to do so! 

There are all manner of spells that allow communication. Some over short distance and some over astonishing distances! If you have spells made for this, what clever ways can you think of to use them? Can you send a message to an ally in a nearby kingdom and ask for aid? If you are imprisoned, can you get a message to someone nearby to break you out? All things to consider! 

If you have a psionic in your group, you may have telepathy available to you! Some psionics can even use group telepathy! Allowing your entire party to communicate silently and over great distance! This can be incredibly helpful if you are trying to move stealthily!

Some of you may even be able to use birds, summoned beings, or even other animals to communicate! If these are things you can do, try to think outside the box! What are some unique ways you can use this ability to communicate to benefit yourself and your friends? 

Another way communication can give your party advantage is to learn rare languages. If your entire party can speak the red dragon dialect of dragonese there are not may around who will be able to tell what you are talking about! Sign language, morse code, and even semaphore are other languages that can allow your team to communicate without saying a word! 

You may consider having other forms of communication. Maybe you have a phrase or word your party only uses if one of you is in danger. A certain color flare could mean stay or come quickly or big monster incoming! There really is no limit as to how you and your party can communicate with each other! 

These are only a few ideas. What unique forms of communication have you used in the past? What has worked with your party? What has not worked? Let us know! We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments and on all of our social media platforms! 

Ok warriors looks like it’s time to break camp! Get out there and keep adventuring! And most of all keep communicating with each other! You are doing great adventurers! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE! 

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