D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #41: Team Building!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #41: Team Building!

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my camp! I knew you would be coming so we’ve set up some extra tents and the food is already on the fire! Come and rest a while and let’s talk about your latest adventures!

Looks like you’ve brought the entire group today! That’s awesome! Its great to have awesome friends to game with! Is your group close? Would you like it to be closer? Let’s talk about some fun things you and your group can do together to make your friendships stronger!

The first and best thing you can do is just show up and be interested! The worst ever is to have the entire group show up, but one person does not. No warning. Just a no show or a last-minute cancelation. Of course, things happen in life, so the occasional absence is to be expected. But if you are missing games often maybe you should consider if this hobby is really for you. The best teams are balanced and if a party member doesn’t show up it throws off that balance. The same goes for participation. Some people show up and just want to hang out and not participate. If you show up for a game your DM has surely put a lot of work into setting up a cool adventure for you! Your fellow players have shown up to play! Be involved and play along!

But there are also many other cool things you can do to build up your team! Consider once a season or once every 2 months having a “special night.” A night where your squad shows up early to do something fun before game! These special nights can be almost any thing but here are a few examples…

Pot Luck: For many gaming groups this happens every gaming session ha ha! But an organized one can be awesome too! Plan a night where each party member brings a covered dish or snack or drink. Having a meal with your group is a great way to form bonds and learn about each other! Its also a great way to learn some cool new recipes! (What reagents have you combined to make this amazing casserole?!)

Movie Night: With so many movies coming directly to TV now, this is easier than ever! Make some popcorn and have the group show up a few hours early to catch the latest flick! Or if there is a theater near by meet up there and watch it on the big screen! Movies are adventures you watch and can provide inspiration for the night’s gameplay! Extra experience points to whoever can quote the best line from the movie in a cool way in game! 😊

Costume Night: Have a themed dress night once every few months. It doesn’t have to be overly elaborate. You could even do a night where everyone just wears their favorite gaming t-shirt. But also feel free to go big! Capes, Helmets, Make-up, the sky is the limit! Have fun dressing up and show off with your gaming pals! These nights are a great night for taking pics and killer selfies!

These are just a few examples, but I am sure there are many more you all can think of! A night to paint miniatures, a day at the beach or pool, go donate blood together or do something together for some other charity! What are some things you can think of or have done in the past that were super fun?


Ok Adventurer it looks like your friends are having fun over there! Go join them! But rest up because tomorrow starts a brand-new adventure! Have fun out there my friends and keep rolling those dice!

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