D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #42: Heal me!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #42: Heal me!

Greetings Adventurers!


Welcome back! How have you been doing? What great stories have you been making?

It looks like you have a few injuries there! Here's a few healing potions for you to heal up with!


As I'm sure you know healing is a big part of adventuring! Many parties take this for granted and most will pay the price for it! Today let's talk about various ways of getting heals during your adventures! 



When it comes down to it there's nothing better than having a dedicated healer on your team. This can come in many forms. Clerics, Druids, even Wizards and Psionics can all offer some level of healing. These types of healers are great because they can heal "on the fly" and can usually offer buffs and shields that lessen or even negate damage!  If you can find a great healer to be on your team you should try and hold onto them! Being a great healer takes skill and not everyone can do it!


But what if you don't have a healer. What do you do then? The road ahead will be a harder one to travel, but not impossible! 

The easiest go to if you don't have a healer is Healing Potions. Often just called "Pots", potions offer a quick boost of healing. The main problem with these is they can be expensive! And at low level you may just not have the funds to stay in stock. 


A way around this problem is to have an alchemist/potion maker in the group. Depending on the game system you are playing herbalist, botanists, and more can also make healing potions, tonics, and salves. Having one of these on your team will allow much easier access to healing potions, and more! Characters with these skills can often also make other potions and such that buff and enhance you and your party in other ways! The main downside to this is time and materials. Reagents are needed to make these potions. They can often be found or purchased cheaply but this all takes time, as well as the time itself needed to craft the potion. If this is the route you choose to go it should be up to everyone in the party to find and buy the components needed to make the potions. Teamwork makes the heals work! 


Another option that offers some protection is to have a teammate with medical or first aid skills. Some players take skill sets that allow them to be fully recognized Doctors or Surgeons! These types of players can’t do much "on the spot" healing, especially during battle, but can usually provide some small amount of healing after battle. They may be able to stop bleeding, poison, and more over keeping a player or NPC from dying! These types of characters also allow for some terrific roleplaying! 


When it comes to healing there are many many options available. The ones we have discussed today barely skim the surface. What are some ways you and your party tackle the healing game? I’m sure some of you have some pretty cool ideas! Let us know! Learning from each other makes us all stronger!


So, get back out there adventurer! Monsters and treasures are waiting for you! Stay healthy and keep the heals coming, and most importantly KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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