D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #43: Where are we?!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #43: Where are we?!

Ahoy adventurers! I'm surprised to see you here on the shore of this deserted island! You must be adventuring here too! Well come sit around my fire and enjoy some of the fish I am cooking! You are always welcome at my camp!


In tabletop gaming there are many different environments to play in. Each offering its own advantages and problems depending on your class, race, background and more. Many players fail to consider how the environment they are in can affect their game play!


Anytime you move to a new area in your game, especially a drastically new area like a new country, region or even a new world, you should take some time to consider the environment you are in. Will you be in a densely packed city? A small sparse village? Are you surrounded by forest? Jungle? The sea? Desert? What is the weather like here? Is it always rainy? Dry and hot? What season is it? All these questions and more can help you paint a bigger picture of where you are in game. 


Many classes and races thrive in certain environments. Some may even get bonuses of varying kinds. If you are one of these characters don't miss out on your bonuses! Other characters may have spells, psionics, items and more that can help them in certain environments. Do you have abilities that allow you to withstand severe heat or cold? Severe thirst? How can you use these to your advantage? If you can survive extreme heat and thirst maybe you can challenge a rival to a skirmish in the surrounding desert. Can you hold your breath a long time and swim like a fish? Maybe a contest at sea could give you an advantage! 


Some of you may be playing characters specifically made for a certain environment. A water dweller living on land to help on a quest or live a life of adventure. An underground citizen brought to the surface to find a new life. The possibilities are limitless. These types of characters may be highly specialized to their home environments.  When entering a new region these players should ask: How will my specializations help me here? Hinder me? Is there a way I can turn my disadvantages into advantages? 


In some places the environment can change drastically with the seasons or even the tides! If you and your team are going to be in an area long term it could be highly advantageous to learn about these changes. Are the winters incredibly harsh? Does the spring provide a huge bounty of game to be hunted? Are the summers scorching or filled with nonstop rain? Does the fall bring heavy winds or drought? By learning these things and planning ahead you may be able to turn huge profits or give you and your team big advantages in battle or war!


These are just a few examples. How have you used the environment to your advantage in your games? What tips and tricks do you have for deserts, oceans, forests, swamps, caves, and more? Let us know! I'm sure many of you have had some epic ideas!


Ok friends, it looks like the fish is done! Dig in and always remember to think about your surroundings and where you are! Have fun out there adventurers and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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