D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #45: More Battle Ideas!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #45: More Battle Ideas!

Hello adventurers! I'm so glad to see you! You are looking stronger than ever! Great job!

Come and have a rest as we will talk for a while. I'll pour you a cup of warm mulled wine. 


When last we spoke, we talked about the basic flow of combat. But there are more advanced techniques in combat as well! Let's talk about a few! 


One thing many players don't consider is the option to make combo attacks! Sure, you can fight on your own but you are playing with friends right? So why not see how your skills, abilities, spells, attacks, and more can work together?! Get with your friends and see what combo attacks you can make up! Once you have made a few up run them by your DM. Most DMs will love that you have taken the time to think about the game and that you are striving to make your group stronger. Launching a combo attack can be pretty straight forward. If you want to do a combo attack announce it at the beginning of the round. Then whoever has the higher initiative can "hold their action" and then use it in concert with your combo buddy! This is a fun technique! See what awesome attacks you can think of! 


Another thing to consider is how can you use the magical items you have in concert with your basic attacks? Magical items are a huge part of most games, but it doesn't just have to be magical items. In some games you may have super high tech weapons or items! Whatever the case try and think "outside the box" with whatever items you might have. Can they be used to bolster or buff an existing attack or spell? Can they be used to remove obstacles, or spring traps? Use your imagination and see what cool ideas you can come up with!


Everyday items can often be used in surprising ways as well! A smashed bottle of perfume can destroy a trackers scent. A large bag of marbles dropped in an alley can make it slow going for pursuers. Fireworks make for a great distraction. Most game systems also offer a skill usually called, "Improvised Fighting." It’s sometimes its own weapon proficiency. This skill allows you to fight with everyday items like brooms, pots and pans, chairs, etc. They don’t do much damage but you'll never be without a weapon! I personally think this is a great skill for wizards and clerics!


In the end when it comes to battle the best thing to do is use your imagination! There are many clever ways to fight! What are some of the clever things you and your friends are doing in battle? What awesome combo attacks have you unleashed on your foes? Let us know! It’s fun to teach and learn new things from each other! 


Ok adventurers it’s time to go out and continue the battle! What are you waiting for?! Adventure awaits! KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!!!

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