D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #46: Transportation!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #46: Transportation!

Greetings Adventurers! It’s nice to see you again! That’s some fine-looking steeds you’ve rode in on! It’s always nice to travel in style! Come and sit by my fire and let’s talk a while! We will tend to the horses too!


How you travel in game can be important! But it can also be fun and exciting! Let’s talk about some of the ways of getting from place to place.


Depending on the game system you are playing you could have nearly any type of transportation available to you. In DND alone there are realms where you could ride horses, electric buggies, dragons, and more! Some game systems may have you flying planes, spaceships, or completely magical transportation! SO, a good place to start is to see what is available where you are.

Of course, the easiest way to get somewhere is magic! Magic allows for a nearly infinite means of transportation. Portals open to other lands or even other worlds! Spells allow teleportation, flight, and so much more! There are even spells that can summon mounts like spectral horses, monsters, and dragons!

But access to these can be limited. In many cases you may have to have your own individual transportation. For this it’s hard to beat a horse! (But it’s easy to beat a dead one… pun intended lol) But you may have access to exotic or flying mounts as well! Some worlds and realms even have motorcycles and cars!

Speaking of cars, group transportation is often a good way to go! A horse drawn wagon can often handle an entire party. Some game systems also have very large transports available. Everything from troop carriers, helicopters, semi-truck HQs and so much more!

With all these options it’s important to know what your group wants and needs. Some members of your group (maybe you!) may not have the skills to ride a horse or drive a car. If such you may need transportation for one or more people just to get where you are going. Talk with your fellow players and see what is best for the group.

Once you decide how you want to travel the next step is how can you acquire what you desire? Many DMs will allow you to start with a regular mount. A horse or a motorcycle or similar. But this is not always the case. You may have to work for it. Therefore getting with the group beforehand can be crucial. 4 horses purchased individually can be pricy. 4 horses bought together should score a deal! Or even better you may be able to perform a service or quest for your ponies! And this goes for other transports as well. Whatever the group needs it will always be easier to get it together, whether it’s with riches or with swords.

Once you have your transportation make sure you keep it well maintained! Ponies like to eat! And cars take gas. And they all need maintenance. How much will depend on your GM and more likely on the type of transport. 4 adventurers on horses may not require much gameplay to maintain. 4 adventures in a mobile fortress, perhaps more gameplay will be required. Whatever the case makes sure you stay ahead of the game. Regular maintenance at each town and during downtime will save you from headaches later! Its also helpful to have a member two of the party with the skills needed to maintain your transports. Someone with animal skills and the ability to make horseshoes and apply them can be a great help to have. A couple of great mechanics on the team can make that mobile fortress run much more smoothly!

As usual we are just scratching the surface here! What unique and fun modes of transportation have you used? Maybe you have some cool advice to offer on the subject? Let us know! We can all learn from each other!

OK your horses have been fed and groomed. What are you waiting for?! Get back out there! Your next adventure is just a short ride away! Have fun out there! And KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE! 

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