D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #48: House Rules!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #48: House Rules!

Salutations Adventurers!!!

Welcome back! How have you been? I see you’ve brought your entire party with you! Great! The more the merrier! Make yourselves comfortable! Let’s relax and talk for a while!

You look like a group that plays by your own rules! And that’s ok! Every group has their own house rules. These are a great way to make the game more fun! These “house rules” provide extra flavor to the game and make it seem homier! What kind of house rules do you and your group have?

There are a lot of common ones. Maybe you will want to pick up a few of the ones we mention here! House Rules can extend to almost any part of the game. Including how you set up the game! Some groups have rules like: Last person to arrive buys snacks for the next game. Or, any person who looks at their phone during game gets disadvantage on their next roll! But they don’t always have to be punitive! Maybe you reward players who come in early and help set up with a bit of extra XP at the end of the session! Or if a person brings a new friend to play, they might get a new magical item if the new friend decides to stay!

And of course, there are in-game house rules. We used to have a house rule that if any player rolled 3 20’s in a row they got to wear a special hat (It only ever happened once but you better believe the winner wore that hat with pride!) Another common rule is that players are rewarded for awesome and intelligent in games actions. Like clever use of skills and spells or for being exceptionally compassionate. Awesome plays like this may result in awards like Lucky Charms that allow bad rolls to be rerolled, or maybe even character rewards like new equipment or scrolls or more!

Some groups even have house rules for more esoteric things. Maybe your group has a lucky number you all cheer for. I once played with a group who would shout, “HA ZAA!” when ever anyone rolled an 18. No one knows how it started but it just stuck! Or when its time for a snack run, even if its just to the kitchen, you could have a roll off to decide who goes! Lowest number on a d20 goes to get the grub!

There are really an infinite number of House Rules! What are some of the common ones in your group? I’m sure you have all seen some good ones! Let us know in the comments and on our social media platforms! We are always eager to hear about you and your adventures!

It was great catching up with you again adventurers! Have fun out there and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!

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