D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #49: Companions!

D&D WITH ERIC THE DM #49: Companions!

Greetings Adventurers! Come and have a seat by my fire and tell me what new and wonderous adventures you have had!

Oh, look at your cool pets! Wow it looks like you all have pets or familiars…or more! How cool! Having a companion on your adventure can really help with a lot of things! Let’s talk about some of the different companions you can have on your adventures!

First you may just have a straight up pet! And these can be awesome! If nothing else, they add a little character to your character! Depending on what skills you have you may be able to teach your pet to perform simple tasks. But don’t count on it unless you have the skills to back it up! Pets can also include steeds like horses. Make sure you treat them right and keep them safe!

You may have an exotic pet like a magical creature or something more mundane like a parrot or a lizard. These pets often take special skills to rear properly so keep that in mind!

Many magic users have pets that aren’t pets, FAMILIARS! These creatures blur the line between pet and companions and offer many more advantages, and responsibilities! Don’t take the gaining of a familiar lightly! Treat them right and you will have an array of awesome advantages at your fingertips!

But companions can be higher lifeforms too! Many character classes can take on squires or apprentices. These, like familiars, can offer a myriad of boons if handled properly with care and respect. But they also require work like teaching and feeding and more. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a bad ass goblin archer who owes you a life boon following you around for a while!

This barely scratches the surface! What companions have you had in your adventures that really made an impression? Let us know! Companions make the game a ton more fun both in game and in real life! Go get some! 😊

Have a long rest my friends! And then get back out there and keep fighting! Your companions are waiting!

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