Hello again adventurers! Come in from the rain and sit by my fire! Oh no! You look injured! Let me grab some healing pots!

So, you say the BBEG did this huh? Well, I know that can happen! Main villains tend to be so… villainous!

While you heal a bit why don’t we talk about BBEGs and villains!

Having a main villain to face on your adventures can be fun! But also, dangerous! If you are facing one in your campaign, there are many thing you can do to be more prepared!

The number one thing you can do to get the upper hand on your BBEG is to study them! Get all the intel you can! Are they a certain species? Class? If they are something exotic like a Vampire, it may be worth your while to seek out an expert on such monsters! Learn their weaknesses but also their strengths! Find out when they are active. Do they have henchmen? A homebase? Find out all you can!

Once you get this information use it! Build strategies around it so you can defeat or capture your villain! But be sure to think outside the box! Any enemy with a glaring weakness with any intelligence will have some sort of way to protect themselves. Its not easy to stake a vampire in a breastplate! Think of what defenses your villain may have to protect their weak spots and then think of ways to counter them!

Also learn to be patient. If your DM has made a BBEG for your group to face your chances of killing them right away are not good. Instead realize this is a foe you may be facing for some time. By taking this strategy you can thwart many of your BBEG’s plans before they come to pass! And when attacks do happen, often damage can be mitigated, if you are well prepared! Take notes of things they do and say. You never know where you will get a clue to their nefarious plans!

And chances are you aren’t the only one your BBEG is terrorizing! You may be able to find others who have been harassed by them! Find them! Learn from them. What has worked? What hasn’t? Clues are everywhere!

Take a long rest adventurers, you are safe here! When you wake, we will talk a little more about BBEGs! Until then dream big dreams and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!!!

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