D&D w/ Eric #12: Game Immersion

D&D w/ Eric #12: Game Immersion

Hello adventurers! Welcome back from your travels! Thanks for meeting me today at one of my many castles! I was just preparing a celebration for your arrival! It looks like you’ve arrived a bit early so why don’t we sit down and talk for a while! Have you planned any holiday adventures? Maybe you will go looking for a magical reindeer you can tame as a steed! No matter what you have planned I’d love to hear all about it!

We can also continue our talk about Game Immersion. We’ve covered quite a few things already that you can do to bring yourself more into the gaming world you live in. Today I thought we’d talk about some of the “extra” things you can do to really go that extra mile! 

One of the greatest things about gaming is that you can really do it with just some dice and an imagination! But for those that want to you can really do so much more! Things like miniatures, tabletop maps, music and more can help make your gaming experience “next level!”

Let’s start by talking a little about miniatures. These really provide a unique way to “see” your character. You can also use these miniatures during your adventure to show placement when fighting or when you are flirting with that half-elf at the bar who keeps buying you drinks. There are so many types of miniatures these days you are bound to find some you like. The designs range from paint it yourself pewter figures, to custom 3D printed models, to Lego like warriors and mages! It can be fun to get your group to decide on a style you like and order them together. If you get the kind you paint yourself, you could even dedicate a gaming night to painting them! If you get the premade kind you could keep them in the package until you all arrive and unveil them together! Put on your own “miniature fashion show!” Some people like to have their own type of miniature different from the group, and that’s ok too! Make the gaming experience you own! 

Another fun tool to use are tabletop maps. These also come in so many varieties! From simple foldout paper posters to fully realized 3D landscapes! Often dedicated DM’s will spend their own time fashioning these beautiful scenes so if your DM goes that extra mile let them know you appreciate it! The truth is even if your DM can provide a simple fold out map that too should be appreciated as it shows your DM is going out of their way to make your gaming experience more real! The cost of these maps can be prohibitive so many groups will have a “treasurer” who will take donations to help the group buy things like models and maps. If you can get every group member to give a dollar or even 50 cents per gaming session that can add up quickly overtime!

Another thing some groups use is music. Atmospheric and ambient music seem to work best. Again, it can help to have a group working together to find tracks that work. Background music, tavern music, battle music, etc. Feel free to experiment but remember, as always, the DM had the final say so on what goes! 

Something that can be done for free is making art. If you have an artist or two in your group you may be able to convince them to make things like character art, villain art, recreations of battles you’ve fought, etc. But realize this is them using their talent! They should be appreciated and compensated! For exceptional works the DM may gift them a magical item or similar. If you are a fellow player find out what the artists favorite drink or snack is and reward them. An artist who is appreciated will go that extra mile for you!

So, we have covered a lot here! Let’s take a break, I think it’s almost time for your celebration! When next we talk, we will wrap up our discussion about game immersion. I hope these talks  have been helpful to you! Is there anything you want to talk about? Let me know! Leave a comment below and on all our blogs like Traskoria, Confessions, our fan art and more! We are building a community for you! You will ALWAYS be celebrated here! I hope you have an amazing holiday season! Have fun out there adventurers and keep rolling those dice!

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