D&D with eric the DM #10: "Tabletop gaming, like any game takes skill. And like any skill you will get better at it the more you do it! In large part one of these skills is Acting. To many this may seem intimidating, some will even claim...

D&D with Eric the DM #10: How to become a better D&D Player

Ahoy Adventurers! Welcome back! It’s so good to see you all again! I myself have just returned from spelunking in the Under Dark! I had a couple of close calls, but I made it! What have you been up too? That looks like a new sword on your hip! And did I see you practicing a new spell of legend earlier?! You are growing so strong! Have you managed to find any new D&D Dice yet? You should checkout TheTabletopGameShop’s selection of premium D&D Dice for your campaigns!

Well I’ve prepared a feast for us! Come have a seat and let’s talk for awhile about our adventures! Today I thought we might start discussing things we can do to immerse ourselves more fully in our adventures! As we mentioned in our previous discussions the 2 most important things in tabletop gaming are having fun and the story. The Dungeon Master tells the story, but the Players bring the game of Dungeons & Dragons to life! The DM provides the essential ingredients, and the Players bring the spice! So, what are some things we can do to make the story not only more fun but more real?

Tabletop gaming, like any game takes skill. And like any skill you will get better at it the more you do it! In large part one of these skills is Acting. To many this may seem intimidating, some will even claim its not true because it makes them self-conscious. But like it or not when you are playing you are on stage! Embrace it! It’s your time to shine! Tabletop gaming offers you the chance to be whatever you want to be! For a short time, you can escape into a realm of fantasy and wield fantastic powers! 

As mentioned, some may find the “acting” aspect of gaming frightening, but you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you! There should never be any pressure! In the beginning just do what you are comfortable with. One tip for when you are first starting is to try and only talk “In Character.” This means you only say what your character would say. By avoiding any unnecessary “out of game” chatter, you and your group can more fully delve into your own characters. If your entire group strives to only speak “In Character” you set a mood that will envelop you into your fantasy world. When you need to say something not in character you can start it by saying, “Out of Game…” and then saying what you want to say. This will allow your fellow players and DM to know you have broken character. 

Another way to do this is to pick up a special voice for your character! Have you always wanted to try speaking in a British accent? And Irish accent? Now is your chance! Again, your character is your chance to be who YOU want to be! And you can take it further than a simple accent. Perhaps your character has a lisp, or maybe they cannot pronounce a certain letter like W or V, or their vowels sounds are super extended. They sky's the limit! Experiment with different voices until you find one you like! This allows you to “speak in character” with great ease. Taking this a step further you may decide to pick up a motto or saying for your character. Does your character have a battle cry? Something they always say when things go wrong? A certain way they greet people? A peculiar laugh? By picking up special phrases and quirks for your character you can further strengthen them as their own special being in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. 

If you are having trouble deciding how your character should act or speak a great thing to consider is your alignment. Alignments, like in real life, are not set in stone, BUT should be followed as an overall guide to your character. Your alignment can be looked at as a lens through which your character sees the D&D world and sees themselves. If you are in a situation and you don’t know what your character would say or do, fall back on your alignment and let that sway your thoughts. Eventually it will become second nature for you to do so.

Another trick to help you get into character is to “dress the part.” Some people will go all out for this, dressing up full cosplay style for gaming night with their crew. While this is fine and can be very fun it doesn’t have to be that grandiose. Many people have a special hat, a piece of jewelry, or even a special shirt they like to wear on gaming night. Things like this can be great tools for helping you “get into the mood” for your game. It helps you to stay “In Character” and can eventually become a tradition you and your other players will enjoy. Some people will put on something special for a certain point in each game. I once played with a guy who put on a Viking helmet at the start of each battle! Not only did it add a bit of comic relief to the game, but it really helped this player get into the mood for battle! Some people may have a ring they slip on when casting spells or making saving throws. Some might clutch a medallion or stroke a bracelet for luck when they think they need it. These rituals are personal and allow the player a boost of confidence when they need it. Find your own rituals! Experiment until you find what works for you! 

That seems like enough for today, fellow adventurer! We have filled our stomachs with food and our hearts with merriment! It’s time to part ways once again and go out and seek our fortunes! When we feast together again, we will talk more about things we can do to further immerse ourselves in adventure! As always, I’ll ask you to please return again! You are ALWAYS welcome at my table! This is a place for all of us to gather and share our love of Dungeons & Dragons, gaming and adventure! Is there something in particular you would like to talk about? Please let me know! I want to talk to you about what YOU want to talk about. Let us know in the comments here and on our other blogs like Traskoria, Confessions, our Fan Art and more! We are stronger together and united we can do anything! I wish you well fellow gamers! Have an amazing adventure until next time and KEEP ROLLING THOSE DICE!


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