D&D with Eric the DM #3: Non-Player Characters

D&D with Eric the DM #3: Non-Player Characters

Hello Adventurers!

It is I, Eric the DM returned from my many adventures to speak with you again! Have you all been checking out our other awesome blogs and podcasts? Traskoria, AllD20, our fan art and confessions? Check them out! You’re sure to find something to inspire you and make you smile! 

As for me I’ve been traveling with adventurers of every kind lately, searching for rare and exotic materials to bring back to you! Where have your Dungeons & Dragons adventures taken you lately? Who are you traveling with as you trek through the unknown, facing ghouls, and goblins, and more?

What D&D character class do you like to play most? Many people have their favorites. Some play only one single character class or race exclusively! I personally don’t find that to be very fun whenever I’m a PC. Why not spread your wings and fly a little?! Part of the magic of tabletop gaming is trying out new things! What better game to let your imagination run high than in Dungeons & Dragons, be sure to bring your favourite D&D Dice to each game for maximum entertainment!

Does your D&D adventuring group have a deep or unique relationship with any NPC’s (non-player characters)? NPCs are people too! Some really cool gaming moments can occur by going that extra mile and really trying to make friendships with NPC’s. Myself, and other DM’s like me love to provide you with that roleplaying experience and are delighted when players want to “get to know” some of the many colorful D&D characters we introduce to you in game. 

Once upon a time I was running a game for some of my more seasoned players. We were several months into a campaign that had taken place mostly at sea. My players had just docked at a small fishing community and were on the way into town for some R&R, when while demonstrating their new juggling skill one of my players ran right into a young boy carrying fish and knocked him over! This young fish carrying boy was made up completely on the spot and brought to life by a few D&D dice rolls. One thing lead to another and in short order the adventurers where meeting with this boys family and through them met with an underground resistance in the town who was trying to overthrow the town’s mayor and sheriff who were both in league with an evil warlock who was terrorizing the town! 

You never know where the D&D dice and a random NPC will take you during your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns! This completely unplanned encounter lead to a multigame arc where the players toppled an evil warlock and brought peace back to a town! My D&D players had many more adventures following this, but would never forget this small fishing community and eventually would set up a headquarters there, with that same young man they first encountered taking care of it whenever they left on adventures! He always cooked them fish when they arrived home. 

Much like in real life you never know who will enter your life, or your characters life, and make a big impact. What kind of amazing NPC’s have you met in your adventures? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! What made them special to you and your group? Have you ever met an NPC so important you made art out of them? Let me see! This blog is not just a place for me to share MY adventures it’s a place you can feel at home and share your own adventures too! 

OK Adventurers that will be all for this installment. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to hear about in upcoming blogs! What races do you like to play? What tabletop games or modules are you playing now? What dice are you loving? If you’re into it, we can talk about it!


Happy adventuring! And keep rolling those D&D dice! 

-Eric the DM


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