D&D with Eric the DM #7: Back to Basics III

D&D with Eric the DM #7: Back to Basics III

Greetings Adventurers! I’ve just returned from my own exciting adventures and I’m glad to be back! I’m excited to talk to you all again! How goes your adventures? What new and amazing places have you visited? Any cool new spells in your arsenal this week? I hope you are growing strong and having fun!

Today I’d like to wrap up my “Back to Basics” series I’ve been having with you for Dungeons & Dragons. These have all just been helpful D&D hints, but never forget the best way to learn is to get out there and play the actual game! Dungeons & Dragons is exactly how you want it to be, that’s the beauty of the game, your D&D Dice are essentially all you really need to create an epic night with your friends. As always if there is something you’d like to talk about, or questions you have PLEASE let me know! I am here for you and I want to hear from you! Leave me your comments here or on any of our other blogs, Traskoria, our fan art, or anywhere you like! Together we will have the greatest adventure! 

So, some of the things I will be covering today may be a little “beyond the basics.” But I want to help all the beginners learning Dungeons & Dragons out there who may still be nervous about playing, or maybe just need a little help to get things moving smoothly such as figuring out which D&D Dice are used, and when, how to create your own spells and so on... One of the best things I can tell you to do is be in contact with your D&D gaming group. Groups that talk to each other stay together! There are many free chat apps that make this super easy to do. I personally use the Line App, but any chat app is fine. These apps allow you to create a group chat for just your group and its all free! Staying in contact this way allows you to know when there has been a change to the gaming schedule or maybe you need a character or spell sheet that you know a friend has. Send a quick text and let your group know! It’s also a great place to relive the highlights of your last game! Were you impressed by the way your mage took out those 4 goblins with a single fireball last night? Drop them a note in group chat saying so! Everyone likes a little positive feedback!

Consider having a backpack or messenger bag dedicated to just your gaming gear and supplies only. Stock it with extra pencils and paper and whatever books you need. If you can keep an emergency set of dice in there that is also helpful! This way whenever you need anything for your gaming you know you have it all in one place! It also makes it easy to grab and go on game night! These “Gamer Bags” can also be a fun place to show off cool gaming decorations like pins and patches you collect along your journeys! 

Likewise, I recommend having a dedicated Dungeons & Dragons binder to hold all your papers. A place for your D&D characters sheets, items lists and spell lists. Try to have blanks of all these ready to go in your binder in case you need them! This also provides you with another cool place to express yourself! Decorate your D&D gaming binder with cool stickers and/or draw on it with sharpie markers! Your gaming experience is all about you so express your awesome individuality anyway and anywhere you want! 

One of the best things you can do is REALLY know your character. Spend some time thinking about them and their inspirations and motivations. They can be as deep or as shallow as you want, there are no wrong answers! Maybe your character has a deep history and is seeking revenge for being wronged. Maybe your character just likes gold and beer! Either way if you know what motivates your character you can play them better! On this same note try to be aware of all your characters and spells and items. This can be daunting at first so don’t be frustrated! Everyone has been there. The Dungeons & Dragons adventure is over and maybe it was a rough game… afterwards you look at your spell sheet or your items list and you had something all this time that could have made things better! Well you missed it this time but now you know for next time! I recommend reading over your entire character sheet before every single game. It won’t take you long and soon you will be aware of all your characters abilities without even having to look! 

Lastly don’t be afraid to add some “flair” to your character! Do you like speaking in a British accent? Here is your chance! Adding a special voice to your character can really add a lot to the experience AND make it more fun for you! Or how about a catch phrase for your characters “signature move?” Maybe you have something cool you say before you cast a lightning bolt at someone, or as you draw your sword for combat! Maybe you have something your character says or does AFTER a battle. These little rituals can add a lot to the story and your game. You can even have out of game flair. That cool magical wand that’s been on your shelf for years? Ya how about you bring it with you so you can bust it out when you cast your most popular spell! Wear a wizard hat, put on some fairy wings, let that huge magical medallion necklace swing, game day is the day to immerse yourself in your fantasy world in anyway you see fit! Just do whatever helps you and your group have fun! 

OK I think you are all off to a great start! Now get out there and keep making those adventures happen! I believe in you! I’ll see you out there gamers! Keep rolling those dice!


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