D&D with Eric the DM #1: Who is Eric the DM?

D&D with Eric the DM #1: Who is Eric the DM?

Greetings gamers! Eric the DM here! Ready to talk to you about anything and everything involving Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Gaming

In this blog we hope to talk about many things! What games are you playing? What D&D dice do you use? What are some of your house gaming rules? I would love to answer your questions and help you take your gaming to the next level! 

TheTabletopGameShop is creating a community designed for you! We are creating a space for gamers from all over the world to gather together and experience the joy, friendship, and adventure that comes with Tabletop Gaming! And I, Eric the DM, will be your host! So get involved with us! Comment on our blogs, art, and more and let your voice be heard! Let me know what your questions are. What are you liking about certain gaming systems like D&D, Palladium, GURPS, and more? What do you dislike? What are your favorite D&D dice? What kind of D&D dice and gaming accessories would you like to see? D&D Dice Towers? D&D Dice Trays? D20 Lapel Pins? Let’s see what’s going on in our community! 

Along with that I’ll be giving you my views and opinions on things. I AM the DM hostess with the mostest! I look forward to getting to know you!

In this opening blog let’s talk a little bit about Dungeons & Dragons Character Classes. What kind of characters do you like playing? Do you like being the gruff surly Dwarf Warrior who gets drunk and rushes headlong into battle? Or perhaps the refined Elven Mage sitting on the backlines smoking a pipe and casting spells? One of the most AMAZING things about tabletop gaming is you can be ANYTHING! With the roll of a few polyhedral D&D dice you can open your imagination to endless possibilities. This is what attracts so many people to Dungeons & Dragons, the ability to create your own narrative within the game.

I’ve found many of my players in the past have found some of their favorite characters ever by playing classes and races they normally wouldn’t consider when playing Dungeons & Dragons. I remember beginning a new campaign with some fairly seasoned players. They were rolling up characters and getting spell sheets and items lists all filled out. I was talking with each of them in turn and they all seemed pretty psyched for the new heroes they were making. But when I got to my friend Paul (some names may have been changed to protect the innocent lol) He had not yet rolled a single D&D die. 

When I asked him what was wrong, he said he was in a rut. He had played a few campaigns by now and loved his previous characters but was having a hard time finding inspiration for this new one. We talked for a little while and I gave him some advice that always seems to work out for me and my players. Sometimes when you can’t figure out what to play or what to do, let the dice decide! There are charts for everything, so I pulled some up and helped him roll a completely random character! Believe in the heart of D&D dice! 

As we began creating this completely random character, Paul began to grow more and more excited. By allowing the creation to be completely random we were creating a new element of intrigue and excitement to the process, something he had yet to truly experience while playing Dungeons & Dragons. The other players took notice, and before long they all decided to make new characters this way! They placed the characters they had been creating aside for another campaign and my entire gaming group rolled D&D dice to create completely random characters! It was one of the most fun character creations sessions we had ever had! In the end, we had 2 Elven clerics, a Human rogue, a Dwarven barbarian, and a Halfling illusionist! Damn it was a lot of fun making those characters. And the campaign that followed also proved to be one of the most memorable I have even been in. They played those characters forever. 

Do you think this would work for you? Their team might not have been the most balanced but because they had a great attitude and worked hard on their characters they succeeded in spades. Adding a random element to your campaigns can really help you to “Think outside the box” and see things differently. So next time you’re stumped remember your pal, Eric the DM and turn to your D&D dice! Let fate decide! You may come away with an unexpected character you will love and a whole new gaming experience too!

What are some of the things you have done when making characters that is unique? Does your Dungeon Master have any house rules for character creation? Do you have a certain D&D dice set you ONLY use for character creation? (I sure do ha ha...) Let me know in the comments below! Let me know your other questions and comments as well! Eric the DM is here to serve you and answer your questions! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment sections of our other blogs as well! Traskoria, AllD20, our Fan art, D&D Tips n’ Tricks and D&D Confessions. Be active in our gaming community and let’s grow strong together! 

That’s all for now! I have really enjoyed meeting all of you! I’ll be popping up here and there all over the TheTabletopGameShop's site! And who knows, I may be showing up to DM a game for you sometime soon! 

Keep on Rollin! 

Eric the DM 


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