D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | *Announcement*

Traskoria Announcement


Hello everyone! After a long wait I have some cool news! You can now get digital Traskoria stickers absolutely free! You can use these stickers in any app you currently use that allows stickers! Please download them!

Just look for the “Pizza Party” app on any smart device then search for Traskoria in the app! Its all free! Use the characters of Traskoria to express yourself! 

You can also buy REAL stickers and other merch featuring Traskoria art! You can get them straight through the app or at their website www.pizzaparty.co

Anyway PLEASE checkout my stickers and use them! Spread some Traskoria love! And I’m sending my love to all of you! Thanks so much!


-Random Psionic


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