D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 10 -  Brazz's Biography

Volume 10: Brazz's Biography

Volume 10: Brazz's Biography 

Happy Day everyone! Today we will be looking in-depth at one of the founding members of The 6, Brazz! 

Brazz is an important character. I think Brazz is important for many reasons, but is, over all, a somewhat difficult character to write. I am going to tell you why and then tell you what my current solution is. I am open to other solutions if someone has one. 

Some of you may have noticed even in what I have written about Brazz in previous entries I have been using gender neutral pronouns. This is because Brazz is an Omnisexual being. As such I have been attempting not to link a gender to this character. However this is starting to become cumbersome to me telling the story as fluidly as I would like to, so my current solution is starting now, I will vacillate between the ‘she’ and the ‘he’ pronoun as the story unfolds. 

It is very much my intention to honor the Trans community with this character while still allowing the character to be who she is as a magical being. I want it also to be known I have MANY MANY other LGBT characters that will appear as the story unfolds. Traskoria is a place for EVERYONE so it is my hope to present a racially diverse and sexually diverse set of characters that everyone can identify with. Ok without further ado! Let’s meet Brazz!

Appearance: Brazz’s appearance is not something that can easily be described. When someone new first meets him, they will find her appearance quite alarming. So alarming in fact that she does radiate a Horror Factor (HF) of 19(!!!) when first encountered. He appears as a milk white, mostly featureless, 4 fingered, androgynous humanoid. She has no eyes or nose that can be seen but does have a very large mouth and wide grin almost 3 sizes too large for his face. She will normally be seen as nearly naked but does normally wear a thin belt with a massive belt buckle on and sometimes very loose, billowy, silk shorts. She will also often have a towel/scarf type cloth upon his shoulders or around her neck. This will be her appearance for the first 15 second that you meet him. This will also be the only time you will ever see her true form. For the purpose of game play Brazz should be considered a God level/type character.

After 15 seconds Brazz will start to take on the form of whatever is most beautiful and/or sexually desired by whoever is looking at him. By the end of 60 seconds Brazz will look, down to the tiniest detail, exactly like the ultimate sexual/beauty fantasy of whoever is viewing her. His beauty is so supernatural that at the 60 second mark whoever is viewing her must make a saving throw vs charm, or they will become magically enchanted by her presence. The level of detail is astounding. Brazz will look, smell, touch, have the mannerisms of, the laugh of, the voice of, etc, whatever the person most desires in terms of sex and beauty. Brazz will encompass all things. 

This power is also universal that everyone who sees him will see her as something different even in a group or crowd. Sitting at a bar with 3 different people, one will think they are talking to an elven king who smells of cedar and has a warm laugh, another will be talking to a dark skinned fire dancer, with breath like warm cinnamon, and skin as soft as butter, and the third will see a horned cyclops who stinks of battle and belches at the end of sentences. None of the 3 will be able to tell the difference, but all receive the same information in different ways. 

And the magic always picks up where it left off. He will appear exactly as she did the last time you saw her, a day, a week, a lifetime later, the next time you see her. The only difference will be if your preferences have changed over the next 60 seconds of meeting you again he will change into that vision for you instead. 

Brazz’s body makes its own clothing to suit whatever the person seeing her is viewing. However he will always have a belt, and some type of cloth adornment (scarf, shawl, hanky, bandana, towel, etc.) She can appear in anything from full plate armor, to a full wedding gown, to wearing nothing but a pink gold anklet and a glow stick necklace. There is no limit.  

Weapons: Brazz has 3 “weapons” at her disposal though they may not be considered weapons in a traditional sense. All of her “weapons” have received enchantments from Jodi’s forge and Raine’s magic, as well as having intrinsic properties from being from a Q Universe (explained below).  

Her first piece of equipment is her Water Cloth, which changes appearance as necessary to complement his outfit. It has the personality of a lazy small dog and she often treats it as a companion. It can perform small tasks for him, like retrieving small objects, standing watch, or cleaning. Brazz claims that it “speaks” but no noise can be heard coming from it. It can also be used to attack or bind people on command, but it is not very strong. It can prove to be quite blinding though if Brazz commands it to “Go for the face!” as she is oft to do. 

Secondly we have Brazz’s belt, which also changes form as necessary. It has the ability to eradicate foul odors and absorb smoke on a massive scale. It also apparently has something to do with how Brazz gains his nutrition from the environment, but the mechanics of this are in no way understood. She can at any time press a camera like button on the top of the belt and create a blinding flash in a very wide cone in front of him. And it does take a picture of anything in the flashes range which can be displayed holographically at any time later with incredible detail. 

Finally we come to her most weapon like weapon which he calls, “Splinter.” It appears as a large bronze like needle/thorn. He fights with it using a combination of techniques involving fencing, clubbing, and throwing (like a javelin or boomerang.) It is considered indestructible and will return to her hand upon command or after being thrown. Once a day, after spending one round concentrating, Splinter can be thrown a great distance at massive speed. Behind splinter will form an ever growing tsunami of lube like clear gel. The gel wave has no destructive force but absolutely coats everything in touches and passes over, magically seeping into all but the tightest of crevices soaking deeply. Everything touched becomes “frictionless” It will become impossible for any being caught in it to stand or pick up any object. Anything being held will be dropped and any clothing or armor that can fall off easily may fall off. This coating lasts 12 hours or until the effect is canceled by Brazz. 

Skills/Abilities: Brazz has many special abilities some of which we have already described. Brazz will naturally take on the appearance of whatever the person viewing her finds most sexually appealing and/or most beautiful. He is a master psionic, specializing in “sensitive” psionics. She can easily control the emotions and desires of those near her and can seduce instantly with his touch. 

She has supernatural beauty which can cause instant magical charming to anyone who sees him. It is possible to build up a tolerance to this over time, but the tolerance fades quickly if too much time is spent apart. Brazz cannot turn this ability on or off. It is a part of what she is. It is an intrinsic part of his nature. 

She is an absolute master of the erotic arts and making love to him is often referred to as, “The Ecstasy”, and is considered to be an “absolutely life changing event” to anyone who has experienced it. Having sex with Brazz can cure almost any disease, counter most poisons, remedy baldness, restore youth (- 1D6 years), relieve hangovers and possibly much more. His body absorbs genetic material from any person she makes love to and stores it. She can then recall and manipulate this genetic material for varying effects at will. 

She also has the ability to become completely invisible at will. Doing so will also mask her scent and greatly reduce any trail he may leave making tracking very difficult. 

He can also heal and provide calm by touch. 

Character and Disposition: Brazz has a very dynamic personality. Her entire existence is about adaptability and change. Upon first meeting him you will most likely be seduced, and enthralled by her. But to his close friends she is more like a very protective younger brother/sister, who will passionately advocate and defend you with full force. By his very nature she is a bit “cocky”, overly confident. She doesn’t like herself or her friends being talked down to and can (and often does) easily slay (metaphorically) with words. His quick wit and quicker tongue are quite renowned. (and yes this time you can take that to be naughty as well heh heh)

Traditional life and death are not concrete ideas for Brazz. Her people come into existence full formed and knowledgeable and to hear Brazz tell it, each of her people represent an aspect of some ideal. He himself claims to be, “The Embodiment of Sensuality and Passion” Attempts to understand her, his biology, and her universe are usually described as “futile.”

Brazz has a very serious “distrust” of smoke and considers it to be a living and “evil” entity. She hates the smell of it, especially tobacco smoke, and will go to great lengths to avoid it. He does not however have a problem the smoke from “The Hobbit’s Leaf” or scented smokes like those from a hookah or likewise. She can use her belt to “absorb” smoke when it’s present and will feel great pride when doing so, like he has just thwarted an enemy. She can absorb up to a city block of smoke in 15 seconds thru his belt. 

History: Of all the members that make up the 6, Brazz may be the most unique. Firstly, like Bastion, Brazz is considered a Class U being, though Brazz, without much enthusiasm, says he does not believe she is. Furthermore Brazz is from a universe known as a Type Q Universe. These types of universes are very rare (or at least incredibly hard to find) and are universes where the fundamental laws of reality are so vastly different from what we know, it is unable to be lived in or even visited by most other beings, without risking madness, death, or both.

In Brazz’s universe there is no birth or death. Entities coalesce into form as living embodiments of ideals or aspects of existence. They can easily move to other universes which they often do acting as muses, fairies, ghosts, fairy godmothers, boogey men, and many other super natural fairy tales or legends. They don’t have a word for death but when one of their kind fades away their people only acknowledge that “They have become” and usually offer no further explanation. When Brazz’s universe was being destroyed by The Oblivion, most of her people simply slipped off to other universes to live lives as esoteric and enigmatic supernatural creatures. However Brazz was quite newly formed when The Oblivion came silently roaring at her planet and he simply could not be bothered. However a kind Luck Spirit found her just as the world she was on was being consumed, and Brazz was secreted away to another universe and left there. During the next few years he matured and became known as a powerful seductress. However Brazz found early on he wanted to use his power to help people and so went about using her abilities to change entire nations and often times worlds. She would seduce evil leaders who were withholding food from their starving people, or in worse cases committing brazen genocide, and reverse the entire situation usually in a matter of days. On war torn planets she would wander the planet healing as he could in the trenches, before seducing leaders from both sides of the conflict when necessary and ending the wars. She learned politics, strategy, psychology, and law intimately. He has on occasion offered legal representation and counsel representing beings in some of the largest courts of law in the multiverse. 

It was at such a trial that she first met Jodi, Raine, and Bastion. The 3 had arrived at this particular universe attempting to stop an intergalactic war between a race of werewolves and goblins which had claimed billions of lives on both sides and lasted for centuries. Bastion had been captured by the goblin forces that were using silver weaponry in their fight against the werewolves. They claimed Bastion was a werewolf spy and was to be executed as a war criminal. Bastion was most vexed, and quite vocal, about how ANYONE could mistake him for a WOLF! However as he exhibited their same weaknesses the goblins had no problems condemning him just the same. 

It was about this time Brazz had come to this universe, drawn here by the same conflict, and eager to heal who she could on the many battlefields and to try her luck at stopping the war through her own “special” tactics. However after coming into a nearly abandoned city on one of the battle fronts she met up with Jodi and Raine. They were both taken with encountering such a purely supernatural being in such a place, and Brazz was impressed by their ability to greatly suppress his seductive charms. After talking for a while Brazz said she would represent Bastion in his trial and they would win his freedom. Raine and Jodi were grateful but they had been banned from even speaking to the goblin leadership so they saw little hope of Brazz even getting an audience. To this Brazz simply smirked and told them to, “Wait here. I’ll be back in a few days.”

And as said a few days later Brazz returned grinning ear to ear. She had not only arranged a trial to happen in a few days, but had also arranged for Bastion to receive better housing, food, and passes allowing Jodi and Raine to be his “assistants” in the upcoming legal proceeding. Jodi and Raine were more than a little surprised. 

The trial was long and vicious as goblin law was harsh and not at all forgiving to anyone, even their own kind. However Brazz had spent her time before the trial learning all of their rules, laws, and traditions going back long before their war began with the werewolves. 

The trial caused intergalactic stirring and through shrewd negotiation Brazz eventually got a delegation of werewolf leaders to attend one of the final parts of the trial. In the end Brazz not only proved Bastion’s innocence, but negotiated a ceasefire (with some help from Jodi and Raine) which led to an eventual end to the war and peace among the two peoples.  

At the end of the trial Bastion, Jodi, and Raine were more than impressed by this mysterious supernatural stranger who had waltzed into their lives and eventually asked her to join them. And as all of their interests seemed to align he agreed and became the 4th member of the group that would one day be called, “The 6!”


-Random Psionic



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