D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 11 -  Non-Player Characters and other things

Volume 11: Non-Player Characters and other things

NPC’s and other things

So I just wanted to make a quick note on NPC’s (Non-Player Characters) and a few other things quickly before we move on to the next bio. 

Now that we have a few NPC’s to look at I’d like to talk about some of the fun things that can be done with them that I think a lot of Game Masters/Dungeon Masters, and players miss out on. 

So in every tabletop gaming setting there are usually going to be powerful (hopefully interesting) NPC’s and epic level weapons. A lot of time we will read about these and think, “That is an awesome NPC! Or That is an awesome weapon!” but that’s the end of it. It’s been my experience that most Game Masters/Dungeon Masters would never even entertain the idea of allowing a powerful NPC to be played or to let a legendary weapon be used. And I say why not? 

Now there are certain caveats to this. These should be rewards for late game players that have run a strong and friendly game. If you have a player who is really into an NPC maybe that NPC could “lend” the player their powers for an upcoming battle. Or the characters could go on a quest for an NPC that allows them, in the end, the use of an epic/legendary weapon for a time. The point is there are dozens of legitimate ways you can allow your players to use some of these weapons and NPC powers in game. I am not at all advocating for second level bards to be able to walk around with Bastion’s Finale weapon. All things at the right time. And this does mostly apply to the weapons. Playing a powerful NPC or assuming their powers is a lot of work BUT if the player is passionate enough about it and puts in the work then the idea should be entertained. 

If it’s something that’s agreed on then it should be up to players to do all the groundwork, making power lists, and having all the specs easily at their disposal and at disposal to the Game Master/Dungeon Master. 

OK anyway just wanted to say my piece about that. It’s always seemed such a shame to me that we have volumes of amazing weapons and NPC’s with all these glorious stats and no player ever really gets to enjoy them heh heh. 


-Random Psionic



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