D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 12 - Jodi's Biography

Volume 12: Jodi's Biography

Volume 12: Jodi's Biography 

Appearance: Jodi is the epitome of “Body Builder Build” His every muscle is thick to bulging, yet he moves with great dexterity and a litheness which is deceptive for his size. He appears as a Filipino male, with round, full cheeks and a kind smile. Standing at 5’10” he looks like a wall of muscle. He keeps a rough cut, bed head of shiny black hair, messily tousled on his head.
Jodi will normally be wearing a suit of self-forged brilliantly shined armor. He is a master smith and has created dozens of suits of highly enchanted armor he keeps at the ready for various occasions. He wears a massive cuff style bracelet on his left arm with 12 huge gems embedded in it. He jokingly cause it his “DNA Cuff”, which he claims stands for “Dozen Nifty Armors”, but most people tell him it’s a silly name and it doesn’t make sense. This has inspired him to use the name more. Jodi uses these magical gems in the cuff to store suits of armor, allowing him to have access to a dozen suits of armor at any time. Jodi is known to create very colorful suits of armor usually consisting of 2 or 3 bold colors with trim in precious metals.
Jodi wears a full suit of plate armor like a normal person would wear a tracksuit. He has no restriction of movement. This also has to do with his incredible smithing ability, which allows him to create superior, well-fitting armor.

Weapons: Jodi has MANY magical weapons and items at his disposal, too many to list here without boring most of you, so we will just talk about a few of his main ones.
Firstly as mentioned he keeps a large jeweled bracelet on his left arm which allows him to summon one of a dozen sets of armor he keeps stored in it. The suits of armor are all crafted and enchanted to fulfill certain purposes, however they all do share some of the same properties. They all provide incredible damage reduction and restore health and heal him at an incredible rate. The armor itself also regenerates rapidly when damaged. The armors are specialized for certain things like: fighting underwater, fighting in outer space, Heavy lifting and construction, and many many more. Armors can be switched out with an action.

Jodi wears boots crafted from the skin of a fallen demon god. These allow him to move at incredible speed and grant him the power flight. They snarl and hiss when he is using them. He calls them his “Spitting Boots” and they will bite people who get to close.

Lastly we come to his main weapon which is called “The Veetae Contalis” which is a mixture of Dragonese and Elven and translates to“Dragon’s Fiery Blood”. It appears as a beautiful long sword with a brilliant white blade and a ruby and yellow hilt. It has many enchantments placed on it both from Jodi’s own forge and enchantments placed onto it by Raine. It is considered indestructible. Its blade can cut through any substance. Its main power is reflected in Jodi’s fighting style. Jodi is staunchly against killing except in the most extreme circumstances. Therefore Jodi’s main style of attack, is to scratch you. Jodi is a whirlwind of blade when on the battlefield where he runs amok using his incredible skill to nick and scratch every opponent in his path. Once the Veetae Contalis wounds an enemy Jodi gains complete control over all of the blood in their body. He can use this control for varying effect and can add an effect in the same action as the wound is inflicted. His most COMMON technique is to wound an opponent and instantly slow their blood flow so they pass out. There are many more effects he can bring to bear but we will go into those at a later time as necessary,

Skills/Abilities: For the purpose of game play Jodi should be considered a God level/type character. Jodi has many special abilities. He is a master smith and forger able to forge weapons, armor, tools, and really pretty much anything else. He can add enchantments to anything he forges with varying degrees of effects, powers, and spells. Jodi is the main teacher of the character class, Traxt Smith, which will he explained in another post. He also invented the ability to summon The Chaos Anvil, which is something he has integrated into the teaching of Traxt Smiths.

Jodi can also, at will, summon a massive working city sized forge, with 6 metal Gollum assistants (each made of a different metal)  that work for him even when the forge isn’t summoned. The forge is highly defensible and can’t act as a “mini-fortress” when necessary.

He can also summon his “Chaos Anvil” at will to drop on buildings or at times on top of enemies. It has many other properties which also be explained in the Traxt Smith character class post coming later. 

He creates and keeps on his person, intricately designed and beautiful “J-Patches” which he can instantly adhere to any other metal surface. These patches have different enchantments on them and imbue whatever they are attached to with said enchantment. These are designed to be used on both friend and foe alike. Very rarely adventuring groups may happen upon an old J-Patch lost and forgotten to time which can usually be retrieved and used.  

Jodi possesses god level strength, speed, and endurance. He is a natural leader and exudes a magical presence to any being in visual range that inspires and encourages, providing bonuses to friendly forces around him in and out of battle. He is proficient with any weapon but prefers swords, shields, and war hammers. He is a master strategist and military leader. He holds PhD level knowledge in cosmology, metallurgy, psychology, physics, chemistry, and several other magical, and extra-dimensional fields of study. His favorite hobby is building things that move. He loves creating everything: planes, trains, boats, spaceships, cars, and more. He keeps enough supplies in his personal forge to create several dozen of almost anything given enough time. He can easily build a high tech super car in about an hour. Some of these vehicles may still exist in various parts of the multiverse.



Character and Disposition: Jodi is charismatic and inspiring. He easily and comfortably takes on a father like role with almost everyone he meets.
Kind hearted and quick thinking he is keen at seeing what will happen “several moves ahead” and prefers to act preemptively to protect those around him. He loves to make people smile and is not above using his godlike strength to do juvenile things if he thinks it will get a laugh or lighten the mood. Juggling cars, crushing walls, and at times smashing empty kegs against his head are all possibilities.

On the battlefield his gaze is all encompassing. He is a steadfast rock and absolutely comfortable in command. With sufficient recon/intelligence and trained soldiers he tends to end battles, and even wars, with incredibly low casualties and limited destruction. When in battle himself he is cool, and moves with grace. He seems to waltz across the battlefield disabling and disarming waves of foes at a time. His steady temperament is a solid ground the soldiers around him can stand on. In public Jodi is jovial and friendly. He loves life and hates suffering and longs for peace wherever he goes.

History:  Jodi was born son to the Universal Emperor. He lived a life of opulence in a universe of plenty. His mother (the Emperor) had him trained by the greatest sages and warriors she could acquire and his father (the Minister of Education) saw to it that he received tutelage from the best scholars from any galaxy. Jodi saw his parents living a life of sacrifice and service, even though they literally had the universe at their disposal, and it created in him the same desire. A desire to serve. From a very young age Jodi took up in the magical forges of his people and began learning the ways of smithing and metallurgy. By age 9 he had created an entirely new form of magical forging through the creation of “The Chaos Anvil

Jodi’s story from this point on is basically a reflection of Raines’s story. They became best friends and brothers while serving on his mother’s Royal Court and both chose to serve on the frontlines of battle as Multiverse Warriors while still in their youth. From this point on Jodi would take on the mantle of leader and over time would gather to his banner, 5 of the greatest champions of peace and justice the multiverse had ever known. They would come to be known as “The 6” and would be a beacon of hope wherever their paths would take them.



-Random Psionic

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