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Volume 13: Telanor's Biography

Volume 13: Telanor's Biography


I hope you all are doing great! Here is the next Bio for Telanor!  

Appearance: Telanor appears as a humanoid woman with dark, very curly hair and Pakistani features. She stands about 5’7” and has long pointed elven ears. This is because she is in fact 1/3 elven, 1/3 human, and 1/3 nymph. Her build could be described as lithe and sinuous.  She very much has the build of a professional dancer. She is considered beautiful with bronze caramel sun kissed skin and large, searching, dewy eyes. She looks to be a woman in her early 30’s but is of course much much older.

She tends to dress like a “hippie.” She is fond of beads and tassels and natural fibres. She sews all of her own clothing by hand and has created many stunning designs. Her clothing is desired throughout the multiverse. She tends to wear neutral, earth tones, accented with vivid colors and incredibly detailed stitching.

She is also an amazing tanner, skinner, and leather worker. She is herself a staunch vegetarian and  would never kill an animal unless she had too, but her companions (especially Bastion) have on occasion had to hunt for food so rather than let the skins go to waste she took up crafting with them and has created splendid pieces of all kinds, which again are very much sought after.

Weapons: Telanor is unmatched with bow and arrow. They are the only weapons she carries, saving a small enchanted pocket knife which is for mainly utility.

Her bow and quiver have received enchantments both from Jodi’s forge and Raine’s magic. They are both considered indestructible.

Telanor’s bow is called, “Strum” and has several unique qualities. It can be a longbow or short bow at her wish and appears to be crafted from a single piece of cherry stained wood and is inlaid with long strands of shining copper.  When in battle Telanor can “twang” or pull slightly on the bow string and release a shockwave in a radius around her. The pulse pushes back and damages enemies. The harder she pulls the string the more powerful the blast and the larger the area affected.

When fighting with the bow in hand to hand combat the bow will release electrical shocks that can chain to nearby enemies in Telanor’s line of sight. This effect is unlimited and does damage as the spell lightning bolt.

Strum’s most powerful ability is called, “Continuous Valor”, and is activated when Telanor pulls an arrow from her quiver and uses it to play her bow like a violin or cello. From the bow will resonate a loud and stirring song that will wash over everyone around her. The energizing hymn provides healing and combat bonuses to her allies,  while demoralizing and causing chaos in her enemies.

Telanor’s quiver is crafted from lambskin and is covered in magical embroidery and stitching. She calls her quiver, “Cornucopia”, and it too has multiple magical abilities.

Firstly is provides and endless stream of arrows. It is truly a bottomless quiver. It produces at will, magical arrows that have been crafted by Telanor for varying effects. The embroidery and stitching on the outside can also be activated to cast an assortment of protection, utility, and healing spells.

As mentioned Telanor does craft her own arrows which she also enchants.  

She carries a beautiful large crystal ball in a burgundy velvet bag that hangs on her side. It is an ancient artifact of her people named, “Delphi”, and she uses it for scrying, performing rituals, casting and focusing some spells and psionics, and more.

Skills/Abilities: Telanor is a powerful mystic specializing in prediction and scrying. She has enhanced versions of, 6th sense, clairvoyance, remote viewing and many more. As such it is said she is impossible to sneak up on and a terrible person to play hide and seek with. In other words don’t try and stealth attack her and don’t make her come looking for you. She will find you. Her abilities have proved indispensable in finding universes afflicted by The Oblivion. For the purpose of game she should be considered a God type/level character.

She is able to speak and understand all languages as well as speak to and understand animals. She is able to “sense life” over vast distances and feel things about it, like health, emotions, general population of a species, if there is violence and what kind, and much more. Animals and plants will obey her commands and often come to her aid without her even asking.

She can set up telepathic communications for entire armies and maintain it over incredible distances. She is able to gain visions of the future and view remote places using Delphi. She knows several spells of legend, many of which can also only be cast while using Delphi.

She can create clothing and leatherwork of almost any kind and provide it with enchantments.

She has absolute night vision. She has a slew of other nature and earth related powers as well, mostly defensive or utility based.

She is a master seamstress, leatherworker, fashion designer, counselor, and vegetarian cook. She has PhD knowledge in botany, biology, mathematics, and more. She is also an amazing dancer.

Character and Disposition: Telanor is very “go with the flow.” She loves to experience new things and to live “in the now.” She will often appear fearless, taking daredevil type risks, ESPECIALLY in battle, but she always claims afterwards she was in no real danger. She has great confidence in her ability to be present and it shows.

She sees all living things as equals. This includes plants and animals. She despises pollution and polluters. She thinks people who love animals and keep loved pets are the greatest people in the world. It’s no surprise she has had a VERY long time love interest in Bastion, who she fondly sees as the epitome of both beast and man.

She is very curious and loves to learn new things and is caring interested listener.

History: Telanor was born into a universe of chaos and despair. Her universe was dominated by 4 species. The Elves, the Humans, the Nymphs, and the Fungaloids. 

And since they lived in a universe with a fair amount of magic they all lived in relative peace during their universes formative years. When the races met there was still a general peace and they all got along well. For a time. 

The problems, as you may have guessed, started with the Fungaloids. 

(Authors Note: I’m going to test this here and see if doing a small class write up inside of this Bio works. Let me know your thoughts! :))

Racial Class - Fungaloids- The Fungaloids are a humanoid race existing as one of 4 races known to inhabit the original universe of Telanor. (From “The 6”)

They appear as very tall (usually 7’ to 10’ tall) race of mushroom people. They almost across the board usually have massive mushroom cap heads which store a massive brain.  They have no skeletal structure but a series of fluid filled sacks and bladders. This allows them to be incredibly dexterous but not very physically strong. They make up for their lack of strength in other ways however, such as being naturally born psioncs. 

The main trouble comes when we start talking about their digestive habits. The Fungaloids can only eat one substance in the entire multiverse. A substance they refer to as Plaque

Fungaloids can produce huge clouds of acidic spore filled breath multiple times a day. When this gas touches any sort of organic material it coats it and fairly quickly breaks it down into an amberish colored viscous syrup. This is Plaque

As such Fungaloids for most of their existence were strict vegans. Animal matter melts into Plaque much slower than plant material, so only in the most desperate of times did they ever resort to eating Plaque made from animals. And the Fungaloids themselves are quite immune to both the acid and the spores so they have never posed any threat to each other. 

With their massive intelligence, natural psionics, and harmony with nature, they advanced quickly as a species and met the elves in space before any of the other races. 

The elves met them with peace and received it in return. For many centuries they lived side by side and eventually the Nymphs and the Humans met them out in the universe as well. 

The Fungaloids found out long ago, quite by accident, that their acid spore breath could be quite harmful to other humanoid races, but never had any major incidents with it because even talking about using their breath on another humanoid being is considered absolutely taboo to them. 

More centuries passed. Their universe flourished. But then one day there came a disagreement. In the exact center between Human and Fungaloid space was found a massive natural well of magical energy. So massive both sides could have easily shared it and had enough for countless generations to come, but alas, greed. 

Fights began. Territories began being drawn up. The Elves and Nymphs tried to intervene but the avarice of the other two was too great. 

Then began the war. To a universe that knew war it would have been considered a very brutal war. This universe did not know war. Massive weapons were deployed on both sides. The Nymphs and Elves tried to remain neutral but were inevitably caught in the crossfire repeatedly. 

The battle waged on for several generations. For a time the Fungaloids seems to dominate every encounter. The other races feared the Humans may be wiped away from this universe. However the Human’s cleverness with technology soon began producing fearful results. Within a few generations the Humans turned the tide of battle and in another few generations they had pushed the Fungaloids so far back that now the other races feared the Fungaloids would be the ones erased. 

The war had been long and terrible. The Fungaloids had all but surrendered. Close to 75% of their population existed in planet sprawling camps, on the edge of starvation. The Elves and Nymphs once again called upon the Humans to relent and end this war. The Humans offered little response. 

Then it happened. 

Unknown to the Humans, the Fungaloids retained much of their telepathic ability, which was thought to have been dampened by the human’s technology. On planet across planet they were planning an uprising but one so horrific it would change them as a people forever, more than they could even know. Many of the older generation started committing suicide rather than go along with it, such was the taboo. The Humans foolishly saw the massive suicides as a sign of depression among the Fungaloids, which they treated with “an extra helping of rations” at next supply drop. But as the Fungaloids continued to starve to death their resolve grew and it was decided. They would fight back and use their acid spore breath as a weapon. 

And so, at day break one morning, on dozens of worlds, the Fungaloids rose up and began melting their oppressors. 

The humans were caught completely off guard. The sheer horror of what they saw happening froze many of them in their tracks. 

As a Fungaloid gets hungrier their acid spore breath becomes stronger and more concentrated, so they can make Plaque more quickly. These Fungaloids had been starving to death for months. Their breath burned down humans like a torch melting sugar. The uprising was a success and the Fungaloids left not a single human alive to take prisoner. And once the fighting was done, fully ravenous, the Fungaloids began to eat all the wonderful new Plaque they had made from their human captors. 

Here they found something curious. Their breath had melted everything, but the brains. They found it odd but initially paid it no mind. But then whether by accident, or frenzy, or design, one of the Fungaloids bit into a brain. And everything changed. 

When a Fungaloid eats a humanoid brain it is like a powerful drug to them. It fills them with pulses of euphoria and makes them feel invincible. And indeed their strength also increases on every level. They grow in size by as much as 50% and their psionics are much strengthened. Furthermore it’s no short high. The power and euphoria can last for a month or even longer. Soon every human brain on the planet was gone. The epically high and now highly empowered Fungaloids boarded the human ships and rose up to once again ride the swell of war, but now in a much more horrifying way. 

To say the Humans were “caught with their pants down” would be an understatement. For several lifetimes now most of the human population thought nothing of the war. They knew it existed but it was happening to a remote people without their technology. They were a boogeyman not to be feared and as such most of the Humans lived rather domestic lives. 

The Fungaloids turned the same passion the humans have for their technology towards their own magical and psionic abilities and produced terrifying results. They began to weaponize their acid spore breath in every way possible. They began genetically and magically modifying themselves making their breath weapons bigger, faster, stronger. 

Their reproductive process which could be accelerated was thrown wide open. They began wiping out entire planets of humans and reproducing, even cloning themselves, to repopulate them. 

Their brain lust could not be sated. They swept over planet after planet of humans to maintain their high. They couldn’t keep up with their demand for brains and infighting began. Humans gasped a small sigh of relief thinking the Fungaloids may turn against themselves in their need for this “drug” but just when it seemed this would be the case, the Fungaloids made their most terrifying advancement yet. Zombification Breath.

The Fungaloids had found the longer they could keep the brain “alive” the more potent it would be and the longer the high would last. This lead to the Fungaloids doing horrifying experiments on their human prisoners, trying to kill them as slowly as possible while producing maximum Plaque. This lead to the creation of the Zombification Breath

This new ability allowed the Fungaloid to unleash a massive pink red cloud of Zombification Breath once a day. But once a day was more than enough. It only takes one victim to set off a massive chain reaction. Any humanoid hit by the breath with become instantly coated in a thin layer of burning Plaque. Over the next 60 seconds the Plaque will spread to every single cell in the humanoids body, burning through every nerve and neuron. It is 60 seconds of absolute terror and agony for every victim. After 60 seconds the victim will rise up. Now a cannibalistic zombie whose only desire is the flesh of their own people. Enraged, nearly indestructible, and flinging off a constant stream of sickly amber Plaque, they run amok infecting anyone they touch or bite. If a single drop of this Plaque gets on you it is a death sentence. Those who are bitten or touched by the Plaque themselves will turn into Plaque Zombies within a day and go out to likewise seek and eat their kin. They can only be killed by destroying the brain. Or time. 

The Plaque Zombies are the ultimate in both weaponry and food source for the Fungaloids. The infected produce a constant, slug like trail of Plaque the Fungaloids can graze on, and last nearly 2 months producing more and more Plaque as they age. The last 3 things to go are the teeth, the eyes, and the brain. The end stage Plaque Zombies are considered the most terrifying. Living humanoid beings, made of mostly Plaque, sliding around and whipping deadly Plaque everywhere, chasing their fellow humanoids in a flesh crazed frenzy. The last thing most people see when attacked by these late stage Plaque Zombies are eyes and teeth and Plaque. 

The end result of this 2 month process is the real prize for the Fungaloids. The long fermenting process turns their brain into a super drug for them, insanely more potent and granting them exponentially more power. Instead the high lasting a month or so the high and power now lasts for seasons. 

By this time the Elves and Nymphs had grown almost entirely apathetic to the conflict between the Humans and The Fungaloids, and at first when they heard the fighting had resumed in earnest they barely noticed or cared. However when the reports started coming in about the Plaque Zombies they sent their own troops to investigate and were mortified by what they discovered. 

Envoys were immediately sent to the Fungaloids home worlds demanding an end to this. Many of these envoys were zombified upon landing, others received feigned threats, or political double talk and were sent away warned not to get involved. 

However this new type of fighting was too extreme and horrible for the Elves and Nymphs to continue to sit by and eventually they conceded to come to the Human’s aid. It was at about time Telanor was born. 

She grew up on one of the Nymph home worlds and was educated living in the gears of war. She proved to be incredibly wise even from a young age and at age 11 discovered the lost crystal artifact of her people, “Delphi” and by age 12 had invented her own type of extrasensory psionics which she began to teach to others. She called her students “Presence Revelers”  

With her premonitions and scrying she helped to begin turning the sway of battle for the allied forces. But the Fungaloids were so very very powerful. 

By age 16 Telanor was crowned Queen and became the leader of the allied forces. Through her brilliant strategies they began grinding the war into a sort of stalemate. But by this time there was barely a planet full of Humans even remaining. 

The stalemate held for a time and the Elves and Nymphs began trying to implement treatments for the Fungaloids. There was a very tenuous, very nervous, pause where there seemed like there could be peace. But hatred knows no logic, and has no reason, and was deeply seeded in the humans who remained. 

The Humans saw the Elves and Nymphs attempts at peace as an insult to their dead. The only cure, they could see to the Fungaloid menace was their complete annihilation. The Elves and Nymphs tried to console the Humans but in truth they were barely holding the current stalemate in check so found it hard to give a single planet much attention. 

An extremist group within the Human’s ranks began a plan to force the hands of the Elves and Nymphs. Their anger towards the Fungaloids had now been turned toward the other races for daring to attempt peace with their mortal enemies. So they would attempt to get them to kill each other. 

Using their advanced technology this small group of humans took some of the Zombification Gas they had captured and concentrated it to make the process even slower and much much more painful. And then inflicted it upon themselves. Their last act of defiance was to send off a delayed message to the Fungaloid forces, “Come and get it.”

The extremists set themselves out across their world as newly formed, “Super Plaque Zombies” Stronger, smarter, longer lasting, and far more deadly. When the Fungaloid forces arrived 6 months later the first of the Super Plaque Zombies were just entering their final stages. They studied and eventually consumed these humans along with their succulent long fermented brains and became like gods. They returned to their own forces with new brains for their elite and the information they needed to amplify their own breath weapons to this new level. 

It did not take long for the Fungaloids to become intoxicated with power and soon declared themselves to be the only rightful heirs to this universe. 

The stalemate was broken. The Humans now extinct. The Nymphs and the Elves braced for the wave of destruction coming towards them. 

Telanor rallied her forces and managed to hold the scourge at bay for a short while. But then like water through an exploding dam they came. Landing their mushroom ships on planet after planet, drunk with power and Zombifying entire planets in a sweep. Onward and onward they surged. The Fungaloids began setting up “farms” to ensure the continued breeding of their new favorite food. Entire generations were born, bred, zombified, and eaten knowing no other life. 

Telanor’s continued strategies and future sight were the only thing keeping the expansion of the enemy to a crawl, so the Elves used formidable magics to fortify her and greatly extend her life span. But even so it soon became apparent to everyone, especially Telanor, that they were fighting a war of attrition with almost no chance of success. It was at this time Telanor decided she would have to start looking for other help. 

She met with the most ancient elves and Nymphs and learned all she could about “the other universes” they spoke of in their legends and lore. 

Telanor formulated a new powerful Psionic, to send out a distress call into the multiverse, using Delphi as a beacon. 

A few generations passed and the press continued. The Fungaloids had started farming countless planets and lived in a constant state of godlike ecstasy. They occupied over 3/4 of the universe. The remaining elves and Nymphs accredited their lack of total annihilation to a sort of sated lull the Fungaloids had fallen into having such ready access to their “drug” 

But even this eventually came to an end, and it seemed the Fungaloids were beginning to gear up for a “final push” to enslave the remainder of the universe. 

When finally, on the eve of war, Telanor had an incredible vision. She saw a massive ship from another universe coming to save her and her people. They came offering their help but asked her if she would be willing to pay the price. She thought of all she could offer them but when it came down to it she realized there was only one thing she could truly offer. 

“I offer my life.” she said to the Dream ship. 

“That will be more than enough.” the ship replied in a chorus of voices and she awoke feeling revitalized. She felt lighter than she had in quite some time. 

As the sun rose on her world, with the Fungaloid ships only days away, she received a report that she had visitors who had just arrived. They claimed to be from another universe. 

She sprang from her bed and barely washed her face and ran to meet these visitors half-dressed and tripping into her war room. Before her stood 4 strangers, all unique looking and some quite frightening. The one among them called, “Brazz” (terrifying to meet, but Telanor quickly grew fond of her) had received her psionic call for help and they got here as soon as they could. Telanor despite herself, found herself hugging them, and explaining to them in enthusiastic abbreviated spurts all she could about their current situation and all they had faced. 

The 4 of them were initially amused by her demeanor, but quickly became greatly concerned for the terrible plight facing her and her people. They began formulating a strategy immediately. 

Bastion soon set off in the 4’s juggernaut ship “The Slipgate” to meet the opposing forces bearing down on the planet. 

Brazz was sent to meet the leadership of the Fungaloid people to try his own special brand of persuasion and diplomacy. 

Telanor and Jodi began fortifying the military forces and Jodi summoned his city size mega forge and began smithing new weapons and armor for the soldiers. And, perhaps most importantly, Raine began looking for a cure. 

A single person can make all the difference. They now had 4. There was still terrible war for some time. But then, slowly, there was change. Brazz worked her charms and began getting much better treatment for all of the people trapped in the Fungaloid breeding farms. Bastion, Jodi, and Telanor held the front lines and began pressing back the enemy forces with new weapons, armors, and enchantments. And finally one day Raine announced he had found a cure for the Fungaloid people. It wasn’t an easy cure but over time it would curb the Fungaloids terrible brain lust. 

This caused a schism in the Fungaloid people. Some, even thru their drug addled haze, had begun to realize what they had become and longed for change. Others refused to give up the power and the ecstasy and kept up the fighting. 

But change was coming. In the end the last of the holdouts used their god like power to teleport several of their farm planets and themselves to other universes where they could continue their horrible practices. Luckily only a sparse few of these actually got to teleport away as the allied forces were able to stop most of them. 

Massive rehabilitation planets were set up, the farms were liberated, and some normality began to regain a foothold in the universe. There were setbacks of course but overall, through compassion and perseverance, the Fungaloid people began to be cured from their addiction. 

When things seemed well in order the 4 began to say their goodbyes. On the day they were to depart they arrived at their ship to see Telanor standing in front of it holding a single small bag, with Delphi hanging off her side. 

“Come to see us off?” Jodi offered. 

“Come to join you my friends.” Telanor offered in return. 

“I would offer your people still need you here Queen Telanor.” Bastion grinned. 

Telanor blushed slightly at Bastion’s smile and replied, “My vision told me the price for your help would be my life, so I offer it now in service to the multiverse which has saved me and my people. My people are off to a new and peaceful beginning thanks to you and I have passed on my crown to the next generation. The debt I owe must be paid.”

There was a pause as the 4 looked at each other and then Brazz slid his arm around her shoulders and smiled looking into Telanor’s eyes and said, “Well then, welcome home my new friend.”

Raine and Jodi looked at each other and smiled and also both welcomed her aboard. 

As they boarded Bastion, smiling widely, placed a paw on Telanor’s shoulder causing her to blush again and said, “It will be great to have a queen aboard!” 

And soon they took off and Telanor’s life would never be the same. 

And then they were 5.



-Random Psionic


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