D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 19 - Traxts: Some Features...

Volume 19: Traxts: Some Features...

Volume 19: Traxts: Some Features...

As we continue with our story I would like to say a few more things about Traxts and their significance. 

The creation of Traxts introduces an unexpected and intense element to game play. In fact bringing many new thought processes and ideas both in and out of game. One of the most significant of these is the concept of Death Permanence

This may sound odd at first. We as human beings accept death permanence as a fact of life. Even religions (with a few notable exceptions) at the very least see our mortal life as having a permanence of death at the end of our mortal coil. I don’t bring this up to wax philosophically or to bring this to mind in our physical realm itself, but to the impact this has in game.

Traxts introduce something we are not very familiar with in the game universe. Without many exceptions most games offer us an escape from the thought of death. In video games we shrug off most deaths with barely a blink. We are respawned and try again. This also is prevalent in the tabletop game universe. Particularly at higher levels we accept resurrection as an acceptable feature to continue a beloved characters journey. And there is no shame in this! Abilities and features are meant to be used and are meant to be fun to use. I have played MANY fun table top adventures where just going through what is sometimes needed to perform a resurrection has been an awesome story line. Other times I also have been simply grateful to have a beloved character brought back. A new chance has been given to right wrongs and continue building a life for this character I have raised and given life and love too. 

Traxts change this. With Traxts there is no resurrection. Within moments of your characters death your character will shatter in a beautiful cloud of diamond-like dust and soon after that become the indestructible and beautiful gem known as a Traxt. This offers you to consider a new way of thinking both in and out of game. In game, depending on your character, you may see this in any number of ways. Races like the elves and even humans, among others, have divined any number of resurrection spells and rituals to restore life that has been lost. These still exist. However they are now all impotent. This undoubtedly has created a time of chaos and sorrow in many universes as The Second Crush is coming to bear. Life has now become somewhat more precious. This bleeds into your out of game experience as well. You are now playing a character with a limited amount of lives. One. Without resurrection to fall back on how will this affect the way you play your character? More to the point how much more emotional will it be for you if your character does die? A character you have played for perhaps years? These are all questions you will have to ask. These are questions I want you to ask. 

Traxts are not something designed for this purpose however. Not at all. It is a side effect of their being. And their being, you will come to find, is very important. They are an integral part of our story and there will be much more to learn about them as we continue. They open up our multiverse to an array of new and incredible magics, but their real reasons for being will also become clear soon. They possess intuitive and intrinsic properties that will propel us into a new paradigm. 

I won’t ramble on mysteriously here further, as that is not my intention. It is also not my purpose to shroud them in secrecy. All of their secrets will be revealed, necessarily, very shortly in the upcoming readings. I have mentioned the 3 magical classes attributed to these artifacts and we will learn much more about them in the write-ups to come. The Traxt Smiths, The Weavers, and The Jewelers. But first let’s return to The 5 and learn more about their lives at the beginning of The Second Crush. 


-Random Psionic


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