D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 2 - The Oblivion and the First Crush continued

Volume 2: The Oblivion and the First Crush continued

Volume 2: The Oblivion and The First Crush Continued

People say, “life can change in an instant” and “one single moment can change the world.”

And this is true, however in this moment… the moment Dran touched The Oblivion. A world did not change, not even a universe changed… Things changed for the entire multiverse. From this moment on, all of conceivable reality would be different.

When Dran touched The Oblivion, there was an instantaneous explosion of light. So bright and so huge it lit up the entire local universe. The 5 aboard the ship screamed as they were instantly blinded. A wave of pure force emanated outward tumbling the ship like a leaf in a stream. The 5 could hear Dran’s heart beating harder and harder trying to keep the ships shields in place as the wave of force continued to pummel them for what seemed like a miniature eternity. Finally as the wave died down and sight began to return to the 5, they looked around and began to see what had happened. Their master of weapons, Jodi (pronounced: Joe-Die) ran to the instrument panel of the ship and gasped. The other 4 looked to him and he threw what he was seeing up on the view screen in front of them. Where once the Oblivion had been, there was now a huge pocket of empty space. For the first time ever The Oblivion had been pushed back! 

Their elation was quickly ended however, as Raine asked “What about Dran?” 

Jodi quickly ran his fingers over the panel in front of him scanning for any sign of life. Silence once again hung between them for long moments. Finally Jodi looked at the 4, his eyes wet and frowning he shook his head. The other 4 hung their heads. Then, as if on cue, the ships sensors began to sound. The 5 quickly looked back to the screen. Jodi once again manipulated the controls and he began to laugh. The other 4 looked at him and Jodi said, “Dran’s alive! The son of a bitch is alive!”

Far in the distance they could see a dim twinkling light emerging from the pocket of void where there had once been Oblivion. 

“Magnify it Jodi, let’s see!”

Jodi smiled and magnified the image. But their joy again quickly fell - this time to confusion. There was indeed someone coming their way. But it was not Dran. At least it did not appear to be Dran. The being coming towards them appeared humanoid, wearing what you and I might consider a superheroes costume. It was skin tight and electric blue with white stripes around the forearms and calves. He was incredibly muscular and across his chest was a perfect white Arc. He wore electric green highly reflective goggles and his hair was bright, nearly neon yellow and stood straight up. Every few moments, what seemed like electricity would crackle down his body from head to toe. He showed no emotion but in his outstretched hand appeared what seemed to be a foot long crystal or gem. 

The 5 looked around at each other feeling and conveying a cacophony of mixed emotions. This being, whoever he was, he was in no seeming hurry to get to them. But he was definitely coming toward them at his own stoic pace. 

Again a few short moments of silence and then...

“Maybe it is Dran. After all, his form also changed when we gave him our power...”

“So you are saying maybe it changed again when he entered The Oblivion?”

“It is possible.” Raine said staring sternly at the approaching figure.

“I don’t think it would be him coming so casually. Dran knows we are in distress. He would be here lightning fast if he was still…” Jodi cut himself short.

A look again, passed between them.

“Perhaps he is injured as well?”

“He looks pretty fit to me!” 

“Perhaps, if the ships engines are still working we can go out to meet him?”

As quickly as they could in their still weakened states, they tried to ready the ship for flight. But to no avail. After a rundown of all the ships systems they counted themselves lucky to have a ship at all. All systems were either offline or running at a minimal level. The ships drive shaft had been sheared completely in half. They had hull breaches on all decks. They were not going anywhere. 

“Well...” Jodi said slumping to the floor next to the view screen, “We wait.”

Hours passed. At first the strangers pace was just painfully slow. Eventually it seemed comically slow.

“I think he may be a mass hallucination.”

“Is he even moving at all? I think I just saw him move backwards…”

“We’ve liberated entire solar systems in less time than this.”

“He’s definitely getting closer. But I have to tell you all. I don’t think he is going to make it in time.” Jodi said now standing again behind the control panel.

“What do you mean?” Raine said turning to face him along with the others.

“I mean we are about to lose life support. We maybe have 12 hours left. By my calculations whoever that is, won’t be here for at least another day.” Jodi relayed, looking grim.

“Ha! So what? We have stood and done battle in the vacuum of space many times before.”

“We are not as we were brother.” Raine said smirking. “We gave Dran far more of ourselves then I intended. And for that I apologize. I made this spell in haste and as such may have given us a death sentence. We are far far too mortal now to last long in space. If something doesn’t happen soon, Jodi is correct. This plodding stranger will find nothing here but our cold corpses.”

“Can’t we repair the ship some? Buy us some time?”

“I’ve reviewed all of the ships inventory and systems. Anything we could have used to repair the ship has been lost to space. And the grimmest news of all is we can’t even leave this room. You can see we have only 2 exits here and on the side of one is a massive hull breach and the other has been closed off by a fallen bulkhead. This is where we make our final stand it would seem.” Jodi let his sad smile sweep the room. 

“Seems fitting though. We’ve spent so much time in space. Traveling from universe to universe. I can rest easy giving my body over to the embrace of the void.” 

“Except it won’t be the void!” a fist slams the floor so hard a light across the room sparked in protest. “The damn Oblivion will eventually take even that from us! It’s going to absorb this universe just like it did the others! You can see on the screen now. Even the pocket that was pushed back by whatever Dran did, has already started to close up again!”

They all looked and saw it was true. Too seeing the tiny figure, perhaps now a bit larger, still slowly floating his way towards them with that crystalline object held in front of him like a torch. 

Hours passed. They shared stories and laughed and recounted heroic deeds. And embarrassing ones as friends often do.

“Remember the fiasco when you got with that waiter in the flooded galaxy?”

“How was I to know he had 7 identical twins!”

“Better than the time Jodi locked us all on the reverse side of that one way portal”

“If Raine hadn’t taken 3 bathroom breaks we’d still have made it in time!”

“Well you all kept insisting that we had to try Dwarven Cuisine! I can’t take the 5 of you anywhere!”

But the realization was becoming clear that they were no longer 6. They were now just 5. 

More hours passed. Digging through the rubble, one among them, quite poetically, found an unopened bottle of Red Whiskey. Passing the bottle around, they laughed, cried, then laughed again. 

By this time almost everything had gone dark. They pulled all remaining power to just the bridge and eventually just the view screen. Hoping the mysterious stranger would just somehow make it. Just move a little faster…

They huddled around Dran’s Heart as a final source of light. Surprisingly it still shown quite brightly. And its gently deep pumping gave them some small relief.

It was getting harder to breathe and yawns passed between them. 

“One good thing about being so mortal,” Raine Hiccupped, “This whiskey sure does pack a way stronger punch.” 

“Ah to die so mortal. Again it seems fitting.” 

“I don’t know… I could have gone a few more rounds. Saved a few more universes.” One of them slurred

“One does not choose their own time. We know that better than most. We have seen what others would have not in 100 or more lifetimes. I too can pass satisfied”

“Friends. There is only one pull left on this bottle. Who wants it?”

Impish smiles all around. Someone burped. Raine farted. They all laughed.

Jodi, very weak, stood up taking the bottle and teasingly letting it pass in front of his lips before holding it straight out from his body. “The last one. This one is for Dran.”

“Here! Here!”

“Well said fearless leader, well said”

“He was a true friend.”

“You are all true friends” Raine said with full eyes. 

As they spoke, each at death’s door, they stood and faced each other circling Dran’s Heart. 

“To Dran!” Jodi Bellowed.

“To Dran!” the four returned. Their refrain echoed off the walls.

Then slowly and deliberately Jodi poured the last of the drink over Dran’s throbbing, glowing heart. The heart continued its lulling steady luminous beat. Then one by one they leaned forward and embraced in a circle. Somewhat for balance, somewhat because they were shit-faced drunk, but most of all because this was their final moment. 

Slowly they slid to the floor, each smiling a bit, droopy eyed, and reeking of the drink. And soon they were all on the floor. Lying so still. Listening to each other’s final breaths. And as darkness closed in on them, they each thought in turn that it was a wonderful way to die. Surrounded by friends...


drawing of the oblivion surrounding the multiverse - which explains how multiverses exist for the world of traskoria blog.




The Oblivion and the Multiverse


Hello Everyone! 

I hope you are all having a great day!

So I wanted to provide a VERY basic sketch and explanation of the multiverse and more to the point give a look at how The Oblivion is consuming it.

Now, the concept of the multiverse for our immediate purposes can be looked at in 2 ways: 

The theory broadly states that for every decision, every action, there are multiple (if not nearly infinite) ways that decision can play out. On a personal level, let’s consider your day - when you woke up this morning you had the choice of what you would eat. Multiverse theory states that there exists a universe for each choice you could have made. In one universe you had toast, in one you just had coffee, and in one you had nothing at all. It goes on and on. 

On a more extreme level Multiverse theory states that since the physics and energies of each universe can also change, meaning there will absolutely exist fantastic and unique universes out there. Universes inhabited only by elves, universes where humans have 2 heads, universe inhabited by centaurs, again the list goes on to nearly infinity.

So, imagine our universe as a bubble. It’s hard to do sometimes, we like to think of our universe as extending to infinity, and in fact in some ways it may. But for this exercise imagine it as a bubble. For each choice you could have made for breakfast a different bubble exists. A bubble for when you had coffee, a bubble for when you did not eat. Likewise a bubble exists for every fantastic universe. A bubble for the universe of elves, a bubble for the universe with centaurs, etc. 

Again this is a VERY VERY basic explanation suitable for our purposes for now. We may delve further into the cosmology of the multiverse later as necessary for our story. 

So in this very rudimentary diagram we see a cross section of the multiverse. Tons of universes existing side by side. I have made the lines dotted to represent the diffuse boundary between universes. Along its edge we can see The Oblivion and how it does not just exist in one spot. It exists across the multiverse devouring many universes at once.


- Random Psionic


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