D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 20 - The Second Crush- Modus Operandi

Volume 20: The Second Crush - Modus Operandi

Volume 20: The Second Crush- Modus Operandi

As the 5 began their quest to save the multiverse from the ever encroaching Oblivion, they attempted to follow a predetermined plan as they entered each new universe. They each had very specific goals upon entering each new universe with the primary goals being to rescue as many people as possible and to continue looking for ways to halt, push back, and destroy The Oblivion. 

They went about this in as structured a way as possible but there are always so many random factors when entering a new universe that it would be hard for any plan to go smoothly. Things like the variant rate at which The Oblivion consumes each universe, the mindset of the people in each universe, how much time they can spend in each universe before they must move on to another, and so much more all added much unneeded chaos to their attempts at rescue. 

In general however this is how they would proceed:

Many would say Telenor had the most stressful assignment. It was her purpose to scry for universes in the most need of rescue from The Oblivion. The logistics of this were left almost entirely up to her but the very nature of the decisions she had to make had to cause her much stress. How does one way the lives of one universe to another? The Oblivion’s constant churning attack against an ever growing number of universes simultaneously led to the certain fact that some universes would have to be abandoned. This stung the 5 hard but most of the weight of these decisions fell upon Telanor, as she was the only one able to use Delphi for this purpose. 

Upon reaching a new universe Telanor would then have to spend time scrying and divining the best course of action to take in each particular universe. What races here would be most receptive? How long would it take for The Oblivion to consume this universe? What factions here are at war? At peace? The variables she needed to account for were seemingly endless. On top of that she would have to begin immediately begin scrying for new universes in peril and learning about those. 

In the beginning she used her room as a workstation but very quickly it became overwhelmed with notes and widgets covering every possible space. It got to the point she had carved notes and symbols into every inch of the furniture, walls, and ceiling. Luckily, Brazz caught on to this early on, and when the others were told, they spent a day gutting the ships massive war room and converted it into a space for Telanor. However even when this was done Telanor still found she would often need notes and other divining items left in her room so Raine (the older) setup a permanent 2 way mirror portal she could step thru to go from war room to her bedroom in one step rather than having to walk across the entire ship. Every second counted for her and she appreciated all of her friends help. 

She became so engrossed in her work it was normal fair for her to not leave the ship at all for entire universes at a time. Bastion, seeing her stretched so thin, began insisting they have a meal together whenever possible, to allow her some respite. Telanor found the offer too good to refuse, so when Bastion was able to make it to the ship they would share a 30 minute meal together, which was about the same amount she slept each day, and only then by accident.  

As they approached the time that would come to be known as, “The Panic” the robot known as “Snish” joined their coterie and was willingly assigned to Telanor as an assistant, and that was a great help to her. 

The other 4 and Raine (the younger) would then set upon their own missions. After disseminating the knowledge Telanor had divined they would pick the 4 most likely kingdoms to help them and they would each set off to meet one of them. 4, because it was necessary for Bastion and Jodi to travel together at the beginning of each mission. They would travel together to whatever kingdom was shown as their greatest prospect, in hopes of setting up a base of operations with that people. If such an arrangement could be made Jodi would summon his city sized magical forging complex to a designated world in a friendly area and he and Bastion would begin making preparations there.  

Realize of course there were many many times they would not be welcomed. Because truth be told they were quite literally the bearers of bad news. When arriving to some new kingdom or empire they would have to explain to each not only about the Traxt Phenomenon now occurring throughout their universe, but also the fact that their universe was about to end. It often required repeated attempts, and several assassination attempts on the lives of our heroes, before some kingdoms would agree to listen to what they had to say, and sadly, sometimes not even then. 

However in short time all of them were forced to become quick diplomats and they compared notes when possible, leading to higher rates of success as they continued on. 

Raine (the younger) and Brazz were given secret missions. Missions we will not be able to talk about fully until much later. However they would take the assignments at the farthest edge of each universe and start their individual missions from there. They were given the secondary task, along with all the others, of collecting discarded or abandoned Traxts wherever they were found. Raine (the older) created for them epic Magic Bags of Holding, each with a massive storage capacity, to collect these Traxts in. 

After completing his mission of diplomacy, Raine (the older) would then bring their mothership, The Slipgate, to whatever planet Jodi and Bastion had set the Forge City up on. Now their roles would change. If things went well they would soon have students coming from all corners of the universe. Students who would be arriving to learn about Traxt magic, and The Oblivion, among other things. Jodi would begin teaching The Traxt Smiths in the ways of the Chaos Anvil, and magical forging, and all the things involved with those crafts. Raine would take on teaching apprentices in the ways of The Weavers, The Jewelers, Magic Spinners, and more. Bastion would usually help them both for the first wave of students but then would have to take on a role he did not necessarily enjoy, Chief Diplomat. With the others deeply entrenched in their necessary work it was left to Bastion to continue traveling around the universe, attempting to forge alliances, prepare new students and apprentices to send to Forge City for training, teach others about the fate of their universe and the Traxt Phenomenon, and very often to single handedly bring peace and justice where it was needed. The Slipgate, though and amazing ship, proved to be a bit slow and cumbersome to be used for this purpose so very early on, with Jodi’s help, a new and incredibly fast smaller ship was built for Bastion which he named, “The Claw.”

Bastion had never been the most diplomatic of their group, so this transition was very hard for him. Bastion had always been more of a “kill the problem and then eat it” sort of guy, but that sort of diplomatic approach garners very few supporters so he had to learn quickly to quell his rage and “use his words” to rectify situations. These duties left Bastion with a constant and perpetual angry purr for quite some time. However, eventually he got used to it, and did what he had to do to serve the greater good and help his friends. 

These in general are the steps they took upon entering each new universe. As stated at the beginning necessary deviations often took place but over all things tended to go well. Better and better over time at the very least. 

In our next reading we will continue examining The 5 and their lives in each new universe. Things of course would continue to grow harder and more desperate as The Oblivion’s all-consuming crawl begins to take worlds and each universe tries to push back against it. 


-Random Psionic


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