D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 21 - The Second Crush M.O. 2

Volume 21: The Second Crush M.O. 2

Volume 21: The Second Crush M.O. 2

So in a perfect scenario we have reached a point in The 5’s rescue where we have a multitude of new Traxt Magic users trained and ready to begin their own missions. All these new magic users are by their very nature quite “green”, very low level, however The Oblivion knows no rest, so they would be charged with duties just the same. 

The brightest students in each field were taken on as teachers of these new crafts, thus freeing up Raine and Jodi to do other work. Telanor, Raine (the younger), Brazz, and Bastion however would have to continue on with their own individual missions for quite some time. 

Raine and Jodi would each gather their brightest students and move into a new phase of their mission: Experimentation. Each new universe offered its own secrets and methods and knowledge and Raine and Jodi would attempt to implement anything they learned into something to push back The Oblivion. The new Traxt Smiths would begin setting up their own (much much smaller) forges and started crafting Traxts into gems that could be used by both The Weavers and The Jewelers. After completing work on these Traxts these Weavers and Jewelers would then be sent to the front lines of The Crawl where they would, under the direction of Jodi and Raine, perform all manner of experiments on the encroaching Oblivion. Experiments in arcane, technological, psionic, chemical, and sometimes dealing in just pure raw force were plied against the Oblivion with very little success. The Weavers and Jewelers did have the ability to “push back” and “retard the progress” of The Oblivion, but nothing would ever seem to last. And unfortunately there always seemed to be casualties. Overzealous Weavers, Jewelers, and even Smiths, so determined to save their universe, their galaxy, their home, that they would press too far and take giant risks In the hopes of heroically thwarting The Crawl but in the end would be absorbed themselves into The Oblivion. 

By this time the rescue efforts were also in full swing. Under Bastions guidance many Weavers, Jewelers, and Smiths would begin to help relocate entire worlds in an ever frantic press to avoid the coming consumption of The Crawl. At about the halfway point of consumption of each Universe roles would change again and Raine (the older) and Jodi would begin joining Bastion in his rescue efforts, leaving a few troops of students to continue their experiments on The Oblivion until the last possible moment. It was also at this time they would have to start bringing more bad news to the people around them. They would have to begin abandoning this universe in masse. 

This was almost always met with quite some push back. Even though The 5 had come to be loved and trusted most times by the indigenous people of said universe, to tell entire worlds they most leave their homes forever… well it was usually not received well. Some planets as a whole would often decide they would rather make their own “last stand” taking their chances with The Oblivion rather than leave their homes. A few attempts would be made to dissuade them but The 5 would always respect any decision given by a culture in finality. The truth was they were usually at their limit just trying to rescue the masses that wanted to be saved. 

Once again it fell to Telanor to divine new worlds, new universes for these refuges to fall back too. This however was usually not a problem at all in the beginning. With still nearly infinite universes to choose from, universes to fit nearly every race and culture were not too hard to come by. 

By this time Brazz and Raine (the younger) would generally return from their missions. Along with Jodi, Bastion, and Raine (the older) they would begin making preparations to transport these displaced people to their new homes. Jodi and Bastion would start working with The Smiths to create fleets of (often crudely made) ships equipped with makeshift, often one shot Reality Drives. Every available world would begin working on similar ships. On the other side both Raines and Brazz would take to setting up gigantic, often city sized, magic circles where huge populations of people could be teleported to new universes as quickly as possible. They would construct these circles at the very furthest edges of the infected universe so they could be used until the last possible moment. Silently, they would often give perverse thanks to The Oblivion’s idiosyncratic nature of consuming a universe from only one side.  

Again however, there were almost always unavoidable tragedies. The fact was, no matter how diligent they were in their tasks there was never any chance they could reach all the worlds in a particular universe. Often they would just miss entire worlds and come upon them as they are being besieged by a swarm of massive Oblivion Wraiths, covering and then pulling in entire world as they watched. However there were often also heroic rescues. Teams of now veteran Weavers, Jewelers, and Smiths happening upon worlds, or outposts, or space stations just at the edge of The Crawl, which they would fight against, destroying countless Oblivion Wraiths and holding back The Oblivion proper with their mastery of Traxt magic, allowing many people to be saved. 

The end of each universe always brought about a time of great sadness. It was hard for The 5 and their companions not to be disheartened for once again it would seem they were unable to thwart this merciless attacker. But before we talk about the very end of a universe there are a few phenomena that occur around this time that bear discussion. 

One is about The Oblivions inability to absorb Traxts. As any universe is being consumed there will be countless Traxts that are simply “unclaimed.” As The Oblivion consumes any said world, any Traxts on that world will be “pushed out” and exist in a sort of tidal flux just inside The Crawl. This eventually creates quite a breath taking effect inside The Crawl, particularly at a universes end, as untold billions of Traxts produce a shimmering tide of ever extending Crawl. Like a wave on the ocean, but filled with sparkling diamonds, the effect can be quite mesmerizing. But of course it remains beauty with a deadly intent. 

The other phenomenon to discuss is the slowing of The Crawl that occurs. As The Oblivion nears the end of each universe its inundation with Traxts slows The Crawl, well, to a crawl. (I promise that’s the only time I’ll use that joke lol) Nevertheless, this delay in the approach of The Crawl is always welcomed as it allows for more time to rescue and experiment. 

Early on it was hypothesized that a ship could perhaps be covered in Traxts, and then enter and move about The Oblivion freely. However the sheer number of Traxts needed to cover a ship is daunting to say the least. Experiments were done covering fully smithed Traxts onto drones, but regardless of the enchantments or the coverage of Traxts, The Oblivion would always eventually rip the drone right out from the Traxts and be destroyed or at the very least absorbed. 

Lastly comes the inevitable question, “So what happens to Traxts at the end of a universe? Here is what they came to find out: As the pressure from The Oblivion reaches its farthest point and the Traxts are literally being pressed against the very fabric of reality a strange thing does occur. The Traxts “jump” to another reality. Usually in large masses of a billion or more, clouds of Traxts spontaneously appear in other universes. They would study this phenomenon in some detail as they continued, and for Raine (the older) he insists that there remains a rather gigantic mass of Traxts that still goes unaccounted for. Regardless however, upon entering a new universe something strange and unexpected happens with these Traxts. These Traxts act as an extension of the DC and upon entering a new universe collectively send out the same pulse that comes from the DC,  thereby causing all life in that universe to begin having their dead turn into gems. This in turn will lead to The 5 and their companions entering universes that have lived with the Traxt Phenomenon for often many many generations. We will discuss more on this later.

Returning to our final moments in our current universe, we find The 5 and their companions huddled at the edge of reality with usually several 100 or more of their brightest students. By this time many if not all of them are very high level and teachers themselves. These new champions are then given a very dangerous mission of their own as they prepare to teleport into the unknown. The mission: to go on their own to other new universes being infected by The Oblivion and attempt to complete the same mission The 5 have done here. They would be traveling into the literal unknown armed only with what information Telanor could provide them with. They would face unknowable dangers and many of them would likely die. Nevertheless these brave warriors would choose to answer this call and do what they can to save others from The Oblivion. They would often leave in ships of their own, masters of Traxt Magic in all its forms, often accompanied by Spell Spinners, Multiverse Warriors, and other adventurers of all kinds. Each group was given a “Psion Orb”, a multiverse spanning communication device which could be used to send and share information as students and teachers alike continued to search for a way to stop the Oblivion’s advance. Unfortunately, particularly in the beginning, these Psion Orbs proved to be very fragile, and many were destroyed without ever being used. But this they accepted in stride and they would continue teaching others in countless universes the ways of Traxt magic, fighting back against The Oblivion, and in turn send out others to do the exact same. 

The last to leave would always be The 5 and their friends. Raine (the older) would seem to push the envelope further and further each time trying “one last experiment” or trying to get “one final reading” leading to some unnecessarily close calls. In the end though they would always persevere and luckily their love for each other and their love for the multiverse was always enough to push them onward. 


-Random Psionic


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