D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 23 - Raine Xavier Thornblade III

Volume 23: Raine Xavier Thornblade III

Volume 23: Raine Xavier Thornblade III

Aka: Raine (the Younger)

So as we begin to learn about Raine in this reading we come to a very significant time in our tale, the introduction of our first “Main” character. The importance of Raine in our story cannot be overstated.

As such, it would be a disservice to us all to attempt to learn everything about him in one sitting. Therefore we will break up his current bio into a few parts. There will be aspects of him we will not be able to cover as well. Some things will be revealed as the story unfolds. 

Appearance: Raine’s appearance can vary depending on the situation he is in. He produces an aura around him, exudes a Presence, which he can (usually) control, which can cause fear, inspiration, respect, pity, confusion and more. This ability is so powerful it will literally change how people see him. However without his presence “up” Raine appears as a 14 year old athletic boy. The term “boy” is a bit of a dubious term for several reasons. One being that in the time Raine was originally born, the age of 14 was considered well into adulthood. On his original world he was already betrothed to be wed and had taken on a huge amount of responsibility in his family’s business. It is also dubious because Raines age at this current time is “indeterminable”, but well into the hundreds if not higher. He will often play up his “child persona” when meeting new people to come off as less threatening. 

Raine has lived by this time on dozens of worlds in multiple universes, all before ever meeting The 5. 

Returning to his appearance he does appear as an athletic, 14 year old boy, but even without his presence carries himself with a strength that allows him to come off as much older. His skin is porcelain white with stark black hair and piercing eyes that vary in color from emerald green to a deep sea blue. Despite his pale skin he does usually have rosy cheeks and indeed his entire body will flush a “boyish pink” when he exerts himself. 

He stands at approximately 5’5”, with a brilliantly white, wide teasing smile. His features overall are handsome and quite Roman. He will usually be seen wearing his hair in a short, faded Cesar style. 

Raine likes to dress in a “punk” style, often wearing chains and spikes as accessories. He is generally known to wear black shirts with a green buttoned shirt hanging open over it. He is prone to wear baggy green cargo pants or military style pants usually worn low on his hips. For footwear he prefers large black boots with thick soles. He says he likes them for the height boost. 

Raine will ALWAYS be seen wearing a medallion. It is simple, but beautiful looking, being made of marble, silver, and stone with a few other stones placed throughout. 

All this aside, under the pawl of his presence Raine is normally seen as “a young prince”. He exudes “royalty” in a way that makes him seem important right away. This is his “cruising” presence he leaves on most of the time. As such, he is often taken as simply a very young looking important man. It should be noted he can choose at any time to turn his presence “off” and usually does when among friends and others he considers “equals”. Apart from this his presence can and does change fluidly with his situation. When he is in mortal danger (almost never) he radiates a pitiable aura which makes him appear much younger and more innocent, even vulnerable. Even hardened adversaries will think twice about striking him under this aura. At the other extreme when he is angry or in battle his aura is ablaze inspiring those fighting alongside him and causing him to look intimidating and fearful to his enemies. In this state his friends say he appears as a fearsome warrior leading others into battle. His enemies (the few that survive) will swear he looks like a demon possessed killer with eyes like daggers. 

Weapons: Raine carries a number of unique weapons that are mostly used for their utility effects but can deal out massive damage when used for that reason. Raine’s main weapons are his “Blood Claws”. Raine can at will sprout massive solid black claws from his fingertips. They can be almost any shape or length and can be used to pick locks. They are nearly indestructible and can cut through almost any surface. 

On his side Raine carries a rather large, gem encrusted  dagger. Gem covered to the point of either being comical or obscene depending on your disposition. Despite its gaudy look the blade itself appears quite plain, even dull, but well maintained and clean. The dagger is called “The Inquisitor” and only has one striking power. The blade itself causes only normal damage if used in battle. It’s bulky and unbalanced nature makes this undesirable.  Instead this weapon is used almost exclusively for questioning. Here is how this weapon works: Upon being stabbed by this weapon the victim will feel some pain, but surprisingly not as much as they would expect. A sensation almost like being pinched very hard and continuously. In fact the blade does almost no damage upon entry (1d4). It draws no blood nor can it cause internal damage. To be truthful Raine could stab someone directly thru the heart with this blade and the victim despite being shocked would not die or experience any more than discomfort. The trick to this weapon is who pulls it out. Once the weapon is stabbed into someone it will not fall out on its own. It must be pulled out. If Raine pulls out the weapon it will come out clean leaving no wound save a small scratch where the blade entered. If anyone else including the victims takes out the blade however it will cause incredible pain throughout the victim’s body, the victim will lose 25% of their total HP, and they will receive a mortal wound that will bleed massively and usually leads to death. A favorite method of interrogation used is for Raine to simply stab his target thru the hand into a sturdy table pinning them down. 

Raine also carries on his side or back a fuzzy, slightly aged looking, teddy bear he calls “Fuzzy Pete”.  Fuzzy Pete will normally just appear as a regular aged teddy bear. In fact Raine is known to sleep with it nightly. However the bear is actually a semi intelligent golem he can give simple commands too. Commands like: Stand guard here, retrieve that vial, do a little dance, etc. Perhaps most disturbingly,  Raine will often let “Fuzzy Pete” loose on the battlefield wielding The Inquisitor, which the bear is able to grasp firmly despite having no fingers. He doesn’t do a lot of damage but it is slightly terrifying to see a ratty stuffed bear wielding an oversized bejeweled dagger, leaping from victim to victim. Also if you squeeze his left paw he says “I love you” in a cute friendly voice. 

Raines last weapon is his “Sunlight Medallion” which he wears at all times. It appears as a flat black and gray speckled marble disk with a silver dolphin jumping over a blue stone sun, with a carved stone sea underneath. It is about the size of a very large coin and hangs on a simple leather strand around his neck. This medallion is by far Raines most treasured possession and gives him a variable set of powers and abilities. First and foremost it provides him with certain “immunities” Immunities we will go into later. However without these immunities Raine would be greatly crippled. Besides these immunities the medallion has offensive and utilitarian abilities. It can once a day be used to cast swim like a fish and breathe underwater on anyone Raine desires including himself. 3 times a day he can release from it a massive destructive cone of light that does massive damage and double damage to undead. It can also 3 times a day be used to create a massive bubble shield, made of light, that can protect himself and allies and causes damage to any enemy who would touch it. To use any of these abilities Raine will usually scream, “MANIAC PUMMEL!” which activates it. It is unknown why he screams this or what it means. As the medallion is so important to Raine it has been heavily enchanted over time to insure it cannot be stolen without considerable risk to the thief. It has been a ploy by many of Raine’s enemies who learn of its nature, to attempt to steal it away and weaken Raine for the kill. No such attempt has ever succeeded. We will list these enchantments in a later reading. 

Lastly, though not really weapons, Raine does carry two specific modes of transportation we will list here. On his front belt loop hangs what appears to be a very large diamond on a keychain. This keychain can at will be transformed into Raine’s personal spaceship, which he has somewhat unimaginatively dubbed, “Diamond

Diamond is a multiverse hopping spaceship that in its ship form appears to be a massive dazzling white diamond. Nearly 3 meters high and tapering down to a long point. It hovers just above the ground when summoned. It possesses no door or window but instead “absorbs” passengers into itself. Upon being absorbed passengers will find themselves standing in an ultramodern control room/bridge area. There is a large display screen but Diamond can also make itself into a sort of one way mirror allowing people to see through it entirely, in part or as a whole. The inside of diamond is vastly larger than the outside holding, besides its large bridge, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a cooking area, and a brig. An entertaining area can also be summoned off of the bridge if desired. The story of how Raine came to possess Diamond is an incredible adventure we will hopefully get to share one day in a further reading. Diamond uses magic instead of a reality drive to jump to new universes. Diamond is also intelligent and speaks to Raine in a beautiful woman’s voice. She can also sing. As such Diamond can also take commands and follow thru with them, if she wishes to do so. 

Stashed aboard Diamond is Raine’s other, seldom used vehicle, “The Earth River”. It appears as a vertical silver disk, looking very much like a thin UFO turned on its side. This vehicle is specifically designed to bore into planets, traveling through dirt, rock, and stone with ease. It can withstand incredible heat and pressure also traveling through molten lava and magma with no ill effects. This vehicle was designed and created by himself, Raine (the Older) and Jodi for a special mission. Raine liked the vehicle so much he added it to his personal collection after the mission was completed. 

This is a good beginning intro for Raine. We will continue his bio shortly but first we will have another reading on some other emerging aspect of our story. 

In the illustration we see Raine standing near "The Earth River" vehicle which is partially submerged into the ground. 


-Random Psionic


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