D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 29 - Traxt Smiths

Volume 29: Traxt Smiths

Volume 29: Traxt Smiths

Character Class

RPS: 7/10

At a glance: From all walks of life they are the first of The Trinity and they begin the transformation of Traxts into usable implements of magic. Tanky and utilitarian they are a welcome addition to any team. 

In-depth: “One to make them...”

Traxts Smith’s are a member of the classes known as “The Trinity”. They are called this for many reasons, chief among them being it takes a Traxt Smith, Traxt Jeweler, and a Traxt Weaver together to turn a normal Traxt into a Traxt suitable for use in magic and psionics. As such it is quite common for these three classes to travel together as a party. 

To begin, let’s talk about how Traxt Smiths begin the process of turning a regular Traxt into a fully forged “T-Traxt,” also sometimes called a mother or father stone or a trinity gem

The process takes about a day’s work, or 8ish hours. Though like with all things once a Smith has been in their practice for a while, it can take considerably less time. When they decide to forge a Traxt the first step is enlarging the gem. Smiths wield powerful Cosmic Hammers and it doesn’t take long for the regular sized gem to swell with power from being beaten by blow after blow from this magical instrument. 

The gem swells up to about the size of an ingot and shockingly loses its crystalline structure, behaving like a metal as it is pounded. Smiths have natural microscopic and telescopic vision which allows them to see the Traxt in incredible detail as they begin smashing and bashing it into shape. They pound the Traxt on top of their Chaos Anvil which they can summon at will. It produces its own incredible heat as necessary and can “hold” both Traxts and metals with magical force which allows the Smith to do their work without the use of tongs, vice grips, and the like. 

The Smith will then pound out the Traxt almost entirely flat, hammering out any “impurities” they perceive. They will then Smith the Traxt back into its original shape. When the Traxt is fully smithed they will charge their hammer to deliver its “Quenching Strike” which will instantly return the Traxt back to its original size in a dazzling cloud of steam and often ice crystals. The fully smithed Traxt will look much like its original self but will have a “Smokey” look to it. This completes the first step in the Mother Stone making process. 

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment: Traxt Smith’s two main pieces of equipment are their magical Cosmic Hammer, and their Chaos Anvil

At level 1 they will possess a hammer with 2 fully realized Mother Stones embedded into it. These two stone could have been acquired by any various means but commonly they are provided as a gift from whoever taught them the Traxt Smithing process. As they continue to grow in power Smiths will need to set another two Mother Stones into their hammer every 2 levels to a maximum of 10 Stones. Almost always these additional 8 stones will be initially forged by the Smith themselves and then they will have to find a Weaver and a Jeweler to finish the process for them. 

The hammer possesses many initial abilities and gains new abilities over time as the smith levels up and embeds more Mother Stones into it. At level 1 the hammer can change size at will. Generally being either a hand sized forging hammer for smithing and then on the battlefield transforming into a massive 2 handed war hammer. 

At level one the hammer is a mighty weapon to be leveled against foes being +1 to strike and +1 to damage. It can also be charged with magic by the Smith to use the “Quenching Strike” in battle which gives the strike an additional 1d4 ice damage per level. 

At level 1 the Smith can also summon their Chaos Anvil onto the battlefield. It can be summoned “on top of” someone or an enemy but actually does surprisingly little damage (only 1d4). This is mostly because the Anvil was not designed for this purpose. However it can be useful to do this to incapacitate a foe, taking them out of battle. The Anvil is -6 to hit at level 1 but loses 1 negative every level being cleared of all negatives by level 7. Those pinned under a Chaos Anvil must make both a strength and dexterity roll back to back to escape from underneath it. 

The real power of a Smith is brought to bear when they bring hammer and Anvil together in battle. This allows the Smith to create “Anvil Auras” which create varying effects over a large area on the battlefield. 

Anvil Auras are a complete school of magic allowing Smiths to be incredibly versatile and highly individualized. However as such there is no possible way I could list all the spells here. Instead I will describe the mechanics of this school of magic and provide a few examples of some of the auras available. 

Anvil Auras are cast by channeling magic into the hammer and then striking the Anvil. This is spell casting not physical actions. When the Anvil is struck an aura spreads out from the Anvil covering a large area (50’ + 5’ per level). Most auras last about a minute though some can last minutes or even longer.

What makes Smiths so desirable on the battlefield is their ability to place these auras where they will do the most good (or often against enemies harm) Once the Anvil is struck the Aura begins but the Smith can move the Anvil easily allowing the aura to be placed almost anywhere desired. The Chaos Anvil can be dismissed and summoned anywhere within the Smiths line of site. This combined with their telescopic vision allows for quite a range! The Anvil can be dismissed and summoned with only a physical action. A common play by Smiths is to summon their Anvil, apply an aura to it, dismiss it, then resummon it where they want the effect placed.

They also can use their hammer to launch the Anvil across the battlefield into enemies or structure. This “Anvil Strike” is cast as a spell but does require a roll to hit. It also starts at a -6 to strike losing 1 negative every level being free from negatives at Smith level 7. When hit by the hammer the Anvil races to its target ripping up soft earth underneath it and smashing into its target dealing 1d4 per level magic damage to the target with a 10% chance per level of pinning humanoid size targets. Also if the Anvil currently has an aura applied to it the aura persists!

As for the hammer, it also continues to grow in strength doing more damage per level and gaining the ability to be thrown and have it return at level 10. 

A Chaos Anvil can only hold 1 aura at level 1 but at level 10 it can hold 2 simultaneously and at level 15 it maxes out at 3! This allows for the Smith to create incredible and varying effects at higher levels! 

Finally the Smith has 2 abilities they don’t receive until very high level. At level 19 they gain access to the spell “Anvil Bomb”. This spell allows the Anvil to be dropped from the high atmosphere with ever increasing mass. The impact is akin to a massive bomb detonating and provides incredible destruction to a large area. 

Lastly at level 20 the Smith gains their ultimate ability. The ability to summon their own “Forge Fortress”. This spell summons a giant walled in working forge with bellows and all that is necessary to do actual large scale forging. Attached to the forge is a simple room and a bedroom as well as ample spaces for storage. One of the most amazing things about this is that the Smith can build UNLIMITED additions to this forge which will be permanently summoned from that time forward whenever the Forge Fortress is summoned. This has led to many high level smiths creating some of the most impressive summonable fortresses in the multiverse! One final perk is the first time the forge is summoned the Smith can pick a metal golem of any non-magical metal type they choose, that can work at the forge even when it is not summoned. Truly this is an epic level ability.  

On top of all this, Smiths are also, as you might imagine, actual great Smiths. They have access to skills that can eventually allow them to build and repair even magical metals. 

In the end Smiths provide some of the greatest utility of any character class. Setting up helpful expansive auras across the field of battle while running amok, crushing foes with their massive war hammers, they are a welcome sight to friends and a bane to their enemies. 

Before we end, I’ll give a few examples of auras to show some of the diversity they have available. Of course one day I’d love to provide the entirety of spells available to this class. 

Low level Anvil Aura: 

Speed Strike Aura: After striking the Anvil a deep bell like sound reverberates from it.  The vibration from this permeates all friendly forces on the battlefield within range doubling their movement speed for 60 seconds! Additionally on the next round following the strike all friendly forces receive +1 to initiative! 

Mid level Anvil Aura: 

Shock Dog Triplets: Upon striking the Anvil 3 massive electric dogs appear. These dogs are electric elementals with 10 hp + 2 hp per level of caster. They are tethered to the Anvil by a long lightning chain. These dogs will attack any foes within range dealing 1d4 electric damage per level of caster. Additionally the first attack by each dog is a “Shocking Bite” which has a 10% chance per level of stunning the opponent for 1d4 rounds! These dogs exist for 2 mins or until destroyed. 

High Level Anvil Aura: 

Octo-Anvil: When the Anvil is hit this spell erupts 8 gigantic slimy tentacles. These tentacles will grab and hold any enemy force within range. Furthermore the tentacles grow to whatever size is necessary to grab the enemy they are against. If the enemy is human size it will be a normal size. If there are tanks or power armor the tentacles will grow to massive size to wrap up these enemies too. There is an 80% chance per strike per tentacle that the tentacle will ensnare and immobilize the Target. Immobilized Target must make 2 successful strength saves to escape. Additionally all targets that are ensnared are covered in slime that stiffen rapidly slowing the Target even after they escape. Tentacles have 25 hp + 5 hp per level of caster. They persist for 1 min but if slime is applied to any target the slime persists for an additional 1d4 mins! 

Fractal Skull: A terrifying ability that summons two gigantic fractal skulls that float near the anvil. (Illustration provided.) These massive skulls are constantly changing shapes in a mesmerizing pattern. Enemies that catch sight of them must make a saving throw or be dazzled/stunned by the skulls for as long as they persist. The skulls have 50 hp each and exist for 1 min. Additionally at the end of 1 min right before the spell ends each skull will choose one of its spell bound targets and unleash at them a blood curdling scream which will deafen the target for 2d4 minutes, cause them to make a constitution save or they will soil themselves, and cause 2d4 damage! 


-Random Psionic


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