D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 32 - Art Interlude 1

Volume 32: Art Interlude 1

Volume 32: Art Interlude 1

So I really was trying to reserve the art for the new races I’m presenting but I came across some older sketches and decided I’d share a bit with you early!

Please enjoy these illustrations, the intention is to help you mentally build the world of Traskoria within your own imagination to supplement the story. These characters or beings will all be introduced or have been, so stay tuned for more to come!


Bastion Sketch

Bastion: Just a drawing of Bastion (Chirpy). He’s fun to draw 😄 You can read a little bit about him here.


Troll & fish sketch

Troll & Fish: Just a crazy troll hanging out with a fish. Things happen. 😄⭐️



Technorganic sketchS

The Technorganics: The Technorganic Conglomerate- a vast collection of cybernetic and robotic life forms of all types banded together under one umbrella. They occupied vast swaths of universes across the multiverse before the great crushes, even having their own home universe. Their home universe was one of the first few consumed by The Oblivion. Despite being mostly cybernetic, robotic, or a mixture of some sort they live lives very much like your own. In this sketch we see a Robot Scientist performing an experiment as his dragon friend watches.



Snish Sketch

Snish Sketch: Here is another sketch of Snish looking kinda angry in an action pose. The other drawings are of “Assist Bots” which do simple tasks from time to time 😄

-Random Psionic


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