D&D Homebrew: Traskoria | Volume 33 - Art Interlude 2

Volume 33: Art Interlude 2

Volume 33: Art Interlude 2

So I really was trying to reserve the art for the new races I’m presenting but I came across some older sketches and decided I’d share a bit with you early!

Please enjoy these illustrations, the intention is to help you mentally build the world of Traskoria within your own imagination to supplement the story. These characters or beings will all be introduced or have been, so stay tuned for more to come!


The C.F.O.B

The C.F.O.B: I am so ecstatic to give you a sneak peek at this awesome character class! Hands down one of my most favorite! This class is also a BLAST to play! Introducing: “The C.F.O.B.!

AKA Clowns Full of Bees!

The world of clowning is shrouded in secrets and mystery even right here in our own universe! Throughout the multiverse this also rings true. When the multiverse began to collapse clowns from across realities gathered together and united with the bee’s to create a force both terrifying and whimsical! CFOB have no internal organs, they have been replaced by hives to house their magical bees! They have no blood but bleed honey! They have an incredible and diverse array of abilities from the makeup they wear, the honey they produce, even slight of hand and gags of all sorts! And most deadly and terrifying is there ability to summon and control swarms of deadly and magical bees!

I CANNOT wait to give you the full write up on this class! The CFOBhave been close to my heart for a very long time and I have put a lot of work into creating this fun and imaginative class! I hope you enjoy it too!



Baby elementals sketch

Baby Elementals: Just some cute lil baby elementals. We will be discussing the elemental planes and the other planes of existence in upcoming posts.



Alien sketch

Don't Judge: Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Just because they may look frightening doesn’t mean they are evil! This guy is actually quite friendly!



Trementians sketch

Trementians: Here are few more sketches of some Trementians with some beholders and tiny elementals thrown in ha ha. The upper left Trementians is a VIP NPC we will learn a lot more about later. I’m very excited to introduce this race and many others to you!!! ❤️🐉⭐️

-Random Psionic


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